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March 6, 2019 / Heather

New Adventures


Sorry everyone, I know this is a very late post. In more than one way. Ha.

I’ve been taking on new adventures of sorts. A couple of weeks ago I took a drive somewhere to meet with someone. A new person I will refer to as Vitca. He’s been in my life for a couple of months and we took a chance. Timeline kind of goes we started talking just as friends, and we kept talking. A guy who lives farther away than Vitca and we joked that if I went to visit that guy (who kind of gave me a bad feeling) that I should stop and visit Vitca. One thing led to another and he confessed that he had a crush on me. I admitted I had one on him as well.

One thing led to another and we decided to give it a go and try dating. It’s been a couple of weeks now and at the end of the first week I went and took a trip and saw him. We plan on seeing each other again this weekend. This new adventure in my life is helping anxiety. Not only is it helping out anxiety, but it’s also helping drown out, if not silence, the voices in my head completely. The voices that say awful things that I haven’t been able to silence otherwise.

As far as writing goes I’m working on planning what to work on for Camp NaNoWriMo. There are plenty of options, but I’m having trouble making a decision. I’ll try to post something about it when I finally make that decision. Updates will also be coming through my Facebook author page.

I’m sorry for the short and not really detailed post, but it’s getting late and I’m getting kind of tired. Much love all around. I’ll be trying to post more. Peace.


February 20, 2019 / Heather

Mondayish Fridays

The bitmoji I’m using in this post is basically the best way to sum up how Friday went and how Saturday has been so far prior to my writing this post. Warning: rant about relationships ahead.


Friday was filled with eh… Aside from something that happened way early in the morning before I fell asleep, but that’s not for this post. The rest of the day felt rushed and like it went far too quickly. Then there were issues with something I use frequently that just… I was very glad when my day was over.

Saturday… Saturday is proving to be interesting thus far.

My wrist feels numb. (It’s been cold out lately and I was in the outside for minutes but now I’m worried if I’ll be able to hold the pen I’m going to use to edit with. YAY! -_-*)

On top of it I’ve likely pissed someone off who has been interested in me because I won’t date him. I do not feel comfortable with him and I don’t feel that way about him and I feel he could find someone who would be a better fit for him. He’s not happy, but also, he asked me twice within 5 hours AND the second time he asked fell in the middle of me trying to hold a conversation. Uh… No!

Dudes… Just… Don’t get upset with a woman for saying no. And for the love of it all don’t ask her a second time within the same day if she’s already told you no, especially if she’s in the middle of sharing something about herself with you! Personally, it made me feel like he didn’t care what I had to say and that he didn’t want to learn anything about me.

I’m sorry this blog post is more a rant than anything, but I’m slightly pissed about all this. I’ve had multiple people asking me things like if I want to have sex or if I want to meet them (the same day they send me a message). I hate stuff like this. Why??? Because it send ALL kinds of red flags up in my mind.

I am MUCH more shy in person than online.

I do not like video calls unless I’m comfortable with you. I barely like phone calls with people I know! (There are a select few humans I will call. And one of those is BLIND.)

Do not push me. The more you push me to do something (like meeting) the LESS likely I am to do that thing!


It’s been a rough week to begin with, but this… I’ll be GLAD when Monday rolls around and I can throw myself into work.

I wanted to do more baking this weekend, but I doubt I’m going to get to that because of how my hand/wrist is hurting at this point.

I’m still going to edit though. Because I need to and want to. I want to get this story through another round of edits right now. And it’s going to be good for my mental health. So yeah, I’m going to edit. Even if it hurts right now.

Hope everyone is doing well. Peace all.


February 13, 2019 / Heather

So. Many. Cookies.

Some of you may be asking where I’ve been…


The answer is definitely NOT sleeping my time away.

On Friday I was a participant in an event known as a Murder Mystery that’s held at one of my favorite places. I had a blast, but the days leading up to it I was eyeballs deep in work, thoughts, nervousness, and baking.

In two days last week I made approximately 10 DOZEN cookies. But yeah.

I would love to be ranting about Thursday being Valentine’s Day, but I’m not going to go there. Enough people already do.


I’m working on a new project that needs to be done this week. I’m excited about this, but also nervous because I want this new piece done in time for a contest I want to enter and the deadline is Friday, but I want to get my entries in before then. Hoping the day this post goes live I’ll have the pieces turned in. Wish me luck everyone. I’m entering both poetry and short story parts this year.

I want to close this post with something incredibly positive. So in case you need this.




January 23, 2019 / Heather

Hey Y’all!


Hey everyone.

Sorry I’ve been AWOL this year so far. There’s been… A little bit that’s happened so far. Nothing I want to get into conversation about here, but things are going… Well, well!

So far 2019 has brought a lot of good stuff into my life and I’m feeling very positive.

As for the editing and writing… I really haven’t gotten anything done, but I’ve been helping a friend with some projects and working on the collaboration piece with a writing partner. I did do a little editing. Mostly I’ve been living a little more. Enjoying life a little more than I had in a long time. Putting myself out there and meeting people. Making new connections. It’s been an adventure. A tiring one.

There’s also bee a snowstorm here so I’m being extra careful because even though part of me still wants to go out and live a little I know there are people who need me and who care and want me to be careful.


The look on my face when it starts snowing again. Or when the weathermen call for more snow. Do you know how hard getting out of bed for a morning shift at work is when the outside is like this and my bed is nice and warm?

I’m still planning on putting out 1-3 stories. I’m still planning on getting a lot done. It’s just going slower than I initially anticipated. But it WILL be done! Goals, y’all, goals.

Now… Back to my reading and updating and all that good stuff.

And yes, my hair has been blue for a little while now. And I’m enjoying it being blue.


December 12, 2018 / Heather

My Wrist Hates Me… Again!

Apologies now as I’m writing this to the “what if nothing” album by Walk the Moon. So it’s got me kind of bouncing all over the place.

My wrist currently hates me. Again. I’ve done a lot of typing over the last week and last week in particular my wrist was killing me. I think it may have very well whispered threats in my sleep… Made it SO much fun to try and function. *facepalm*

Currently my wrist isn’t as mad at me and it hasn’t resulted in me wearing the lovely wrist brace again (yet). I have been taking it easy and trying to not over tax myself with writing things.

Which also makes edits terribly fun.

I’m back to trying to edit Unexpected Moments and it… There are issues coming up. I’ll get through them, but I’m fighting issues with it because I’m not only drained physically at the moment, I’m mentally drained. Trying to fix that and also trying to help keep friends above water in their creative juices. It’s a great support system, I swear, it’s just a lot to handle right now. For some reason I’m feeling like a mother-hen this year. During NaNo I would regularly pop into my chats and go “Is everyone hydrating? Eating? Are you making sure you sleep?” and such things.

As I’m writing this I’m also making out a few more holiday cards because I’m actually doing that this year. Ha! @_@

I’m still working towards getting projects done this year and next. I’m excited and I’m also EXTREMELY nervous about it. Partly because of trying to get everything one on top of getting the other things I’ve been working on done. It’s nerve-wracking, but it’s also very rewarding when I get things accomplished.

And currently I’ve got a MAJOR support system around me. For once, I’m utilizing my support system and I’ve got goals laid out for 2019. I’m seriously excited about some of the things I’m wanting to get done in the coming year. I’m aiming to focus more on my mental health and the things I have down for my goals? Are things that are going to be aimed at me being happier all around.

Happiness is something we take for granted. Far too often. Think about it. You have a bad day and you remember it. But when was the last time you focused on having a good day? When you focus on the bad, you don’t remember the good.

Here’s an example of a good day.

  • Woke up with a smile despite having been restless.
  • Ran an errand without issue.
  • Figured out something for a gift.
  • Painted my nails (something I’m actually ABLE to do because I haven’t chewed my nails for almost 2 months!) for a holiday party coming up.
    • Laughed at the fact that painting my nails reminded me that I can’t feminine
    • Laughed harder at the reply from a close friend because they agreed with me.
  • Made holiday cards out to some friends and remembered a few other friends I might mail to.

Despite a few frustrating things that happened, I’m focusing on the good today.

This whole last year has been a lesson in focusing on the good. There has been a lot that has happened “behind the scenes” so to speak. Things that I haven’t shared here for one reason or another. Things that I would like to share, but that I would also like to keep private. Amazingly enough, I haven’t even used the “private” blog posts that I can do.

I’m trying to remain more organized. I’m trying to remain sane. And while some days I’m extremely frustrated (or even more down than up), I’m happy overall. There have been a number of changes in my life and things that have opened my eyes. I’m focusing on my dreams. Earlier this year a good friend (and former co-worker) was driving a few of us nuts with “what’s your big plan” for the year. Now? I’m embracing that energy and moving forward with a few things. I’m embracing his energy and running with it. And on some level I hate him for sharing that energy because he’s no longer around here, but I also love that he shared that energy. He ended up becoming like a brother of sorts to me and writing this I realize I need to make a holiday card for him as well. Gah! So many cards! X_X Is this adulting?

Peace all around, everyone. What are you working on?


December 5, 2018 / Heather

Upcoming Projects and What’s Been Happening

Upcoming Projects:

In short, 2019 will be a year of edits and getting projects possibly out into the world. This terrifies me… A lot… But I will be doing my best to be making things possible. I want some dreams to finally become reality. There will be more information as things come about what projects I’ll be working on, but the highest priority is Unexpected Moments.

NaNo Comes, NaNo Goes…

NaNoWriMo has come and gone, y’all. This year, I had another success. Pulling off that success while doing everything I was doing… Was brilliantly fun. Though, I don’t feel like I was the ML I could have or should have been. There were several people who were thanking me for being ML and that… Was kind of weird because I felt like I was letting people down by not holding as many events as we’d had in the past and different things like that. I’m trying to put into plan a few ideas for next year, because I do plan on trying to be ML again. And I’m looking forward to it.

My project this year was titled “One Rainy Night” and I’m happy with it overall. It did prompt some new ideas for me and I’m excited about it. I’m looking forward to editing it and I’m also planning a couple of short stories to go along with it. We’ll see what’s going to happen.

Life Changes:

One of the reasons I was absent during part of November is because the Saturday before I had a whole week off… I’d worked that Saturday. Got off work, things happened… Short of it is that night we ended up running to the emergency vet hospital and my cat, Earl Grey, who was just over a year old, was dying. I do not know all the details about what caused it and while I do have thoughts I’d rather not think about them or live it again.

I’m still battling inner demons, but… There have been some fantastic people in my life who are helping me in ways I don’t think they ever thought they would. People from NaNo groups, from the NaNo region, and friends in general. I made a new friend back at my birthday and that person has been incredible during some of the worst times I’ve had, especially lately. They’ve helped me remember parts of myself that I forgot a long time ago. They don’t know I’m typing this about them, and yes, I’m using them because this person would likely want to remain anonymous.

Three of the projects you can expect to hear about next year:

  • Unexpected Moments
  • Meeting Mr. Right
  • Howl Your Heart Out
  • Because I Stayed; Because I Left
  • One Rainy Night
  • An unnamed project that I’ve been planning for a few years that I am GOING to do this year.
  • Possibly a few short story ideas that came about when I was writing One Rainy Night.

How are all of you lovely people doing? I hope you’re filled with peace this season.


PS. My mental health is slowly improving. I’m learning different things as I go along day by day and as long as I can I will be standing. I will keep moving forward. And I will continue improving upon the person I am.

November 7, 2018 / Heather

One Rainy Night – NaNo 2018

I’m writing this while I sit down with my first cup of tea for the day. I haven’t had tea for a little while, especially hot tea. So bear with me while I try to gather my thoughts together so this post can go live today. Heh.

My NaNoWriMo project for this year is titled One Rainy Night. It follows two beings.

Siaer Luca, who also goes by Luc. She is human, trying to find her place in the world, and the story opens up with her driving in a rainstorm until her car has broken down.

Then we have Ellory Fense, but please, call him Fense. He truly dislikes his first name.

Siaer’s car breaks down in front of where Fense lives. From there, the story goes on.

Synopsis on the NaNo site:

One rainy night a young woman’s car breaks down. She finds an old school turned into housing. It looks abandoned…

… It’s not.

I didn’t start writing until day 3 this year. Not by choice, but because I had other things I was dealing with and things in my personal life that I needed and wanted to take care of.

At the end of day 3 I only had 1609 words out of the ideal 5001. I was determined to have 7000 by the end of Sunday which had a goal of 6668. When I stopped writing for the night I had 7971. Almost 1000 words BEYOND what I was aiming for.

I haven’t written yet today, but when I pick my story up I will have a count of 12,015. The goal for today is 11,669 to be on par. I’m hoping to stay at least a day or two ahead of count.

Next week is going to be dedicated to staying ahead in my novel and working on other things that I haven’t had a chance to work on for some time. I’m behind on edits/revisions for Unexpected Moments, and I am planning on working through edits for Meeting Mr. Right in December. We’ll see just how much I can get done among 3 stories now.

Projects I’m currently working on:

  • Posting the 100 Theme Challenge from back in 2009 to my Wattpad account
  • Drafting poems into the Poetry story in my Wattpad account
  • Play project with a friend of mine. We’ve been meeting weekly for this, but our schedule this week got thrown off
  • Revisions and some finalizations for Unexpected Moments
  • Figuring out how to edit Meeting Mr. Right
  • Writing One Rainy Night

I’m dealing with a handful of things in my personal life that will remain with me and the people those things deal with. It’s nothing bad, but I don’t feel like sharing much of my personal life in this post. Maybe another post later on. Who knows, maybe it’ll be the post I inevitably do at the end of the year that has my New Years Resolutions in it. I feel like I should be working on those now, actually…

I have a few things to do and then I’m going to be getting to writing. Peace everyone. And if you’re NaNo-ing, happy writing.


October 31, 2018 / Heather


Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! Enjoy yourselves!

October 24, 2018 / Heather


So… Yesterday was my birthday.


I was celebrating it by being at work. I prefer working my birthday because usually my coworkers aren’t aware that my birthday is happening.

There was one year that I was closing at work with a couple of coworkers, one I called a friend back then (and still call her a friend) and the other I began to call a friend more over time.

The coworker who had been working downstairs all evening came up and was waiting on our other coworker and I to finish closing and she called out from the other side of the library saying happy birthday to me.

My other coworker? The one who had been across the room from my for 3+ hours? Turned on her heel and her jaw hit the floor. “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY?!” XD Guys… I laughed SO hard. It was too perfect.


(I’m drafting this post quite a ways in advance and at the time I’m drafting the post I have no plans for my birthday and I’m hoping to work on my birthday. As to if I end up getting plans for my birthday I have no clue. I try to avoid making plans for my birthday because my plans don’t always pan out. Especially when I’m involved. Lol.)

October 17, 2018 / Heather

Spooktacular Viewing: An American Werewolf in London

There’s no denying it, An American Werewolf in London is, without a doubt, one of my all-time favorite movies. And because October is the month with Halloween, my favorite holiday, I’m sharing some of my favorite horror/scary things. Last week I talked about one of my favorite authors, Mira Grant.

This post was tough to nail down. There are SO many great horror movies! And what counts as a horror movie varies depending on who you ask.

american werewolf in london

This movie you guys… Two American college students go overseas to Britain and get themselves in some trouble. They get attacked by a werewolf and none of the local townsfolk will admit the beast exists.

I first saw this movie on VHS through my local library. It’s from 1981, okay? The effects are GOING to look cheesy. They’re going to be OBVIOUSLY fake. But that’s part of the enjoyment!

Why do I love this movie? Well… For one thing the werewolf does NOT look like a Wookie! Yes, that bothers me. Immensely. I HATE when werewolves look more like Wookies or bears instead of wolves or a wolf-human hybrid.

Some of my other favorite movies? Misery (Kathy Bates is love), Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown (the first one), and IT (both versions).

If you’re on the hunt for a good horror movie or if you have one to share leave a comment on the post and let’s talk horror! If you’re not into that sort of thing well… I hope you find a movie that gets you through the scary times.