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March 21, 2018 / Heather

Edits In Progress

Editing 3 pages a day, par for today means I need to have through page 54 done before today ends. Currently, I have through page 51 done. I’m hoping to get/stay ahead. I wasn’t sure where I’d be when I planned on scheduling this post so I did not schedule this.

Cover information: The cover artist is currently working on drafts. That’s all I know and I want to keep some of this information a surprise. It’s honestly a surprise for me right now because I want the artist to be able to create something with artistic freedom and a little detail from me. This is how I work.

I’m excited about the edits and what I’ve been putting down for notes.

I’m not excited that I haven’t felt well lately. Nothing serious, just the weather messing with me, basically. Temperatures keep jumping around and I’m freezing at the moment. I’ve been feeling cold a lot lately. Nothing I’m concerned with yet.

I want nothing more than to gush about this story right now, but I can’t yet because what I want to gush about would give away details and key parts and take away from the story and I don’t want to do that. Gah!!!

I’m going to call this post finished before I DO start gushing about Unexpected Moments. Peace all.


P.S. – Yes, the Features Image for this post is from the story. Yes, that’s my awful, atrocious handwriting. >.>

March 14, 2018 / Heather

Camp NaNo – My Plan

Yes, I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo next month.

No, I’m not going to be working on a new story.

I’ll be working on edits for Unexpected Moments. Having part of it for Camp NaNo will just help me stay on track and give me another place to keep track of things.

I’m debating some things for NaNoWriMo in November though. We’ll see if anything’s going to come of it.

For April my goal is 51 page of edits. The story currently sits at 135 pages.

In more detail:

I plan on editing 3 pages a day for the story as it sits. I’m going through and marking out things that need edits and pages that need rewritten or reworded. Things that I need to add, etc. I wanted to edit over more than one month, so rather than having all the edits happen in April and applying edits on top of that I’m marking edits and the edit through will finish on April 17th (is the plan) and then the rest of the month will be me making the changes. So doing things like applying edits, doing the rewrites, etc.

Along with all of this I’m working on updating things on my Wattpad account (HRShavor). I only had a few poems on my account there, but on Fictionpress and on DeviantART I had so much more that I wanted to share. So I’m getting around to it. It’s going to be a long, weird, and possibly hard road to make sure I keep up on everything, but I’m looking forward to it all. All the chaos and insanity I’ll be handling. I like that feeling when it comes to writing. ❤


March 7, 2018 / Heather

Cats & Writing

Cats are usually associated with writers for some weird reason.

I have no idea WHY this is.

Maybe it’s because cats and writers both frequently enjoy being alone. Maybe it’s because we’re not usually social creatures. Who knows?!

What I DO know though, is that cats do not help productivity.

For instance, my own cats enjoy chewing on wires until the thing the wore goes to no longer works.

Or my mom’s cat, Smokey, who would change my music back when I lived with mom and dad and Smokey was a little kitten.

I love my cats, but as soon as the writing stuff comes out it becomes a game of keep the cats away from the writing. Over the years I’ve had cats who:

  • Have stolen pens/pencils
  • Changed my writing music on me
  • Eaten papers I’ve been working with (not the whole page, just part of it)
  • Tried to take off with papers/book flags/paper clips/you name it
  • Etc…

I wouldn’t change it for anything though. I love the damn cats. Evidence with the fact that Earl Grey decided to hide Sunday night…

I had some training at work Monday morning from 9 A.M. until Noon. Catfish had work Monday meaning we were up by a little after 5 A.M.

USUALLY we try to go to bed by about 11 P.M. the night before when he has work. Ok for me it’s like 10-11 ANY night. >.> Anyway…

He’s in the other room at his computer and I’m lying in bed. No kitten. No Timba. Timba was in with Catfish and I had him come to bed with me. A little while later I asked Cody if he’d seen Earl Grey. We proceeded to check all around the house for him. Timba was no help at all.


So of course I’m worried and kind of panicking but I calm down to the point where I’m saying he’s in the house, I have to sleep. Catfish gets up to get his phone from the other room and out of the closet he sees a kitten head… -.-

We’d been calling and searching for him for a good 10-15 minutes!

I was up a little after 5 on Monday and didn’t get out of work until 8 P.M. and then the drive home, dinner, etc… I looked at my Fitbit app this morning and discovered… I’d had not quite 3.5 hours total sleep Sunday night into Monday. I’m not sure how that even happened. I could have sworn that I did better than that.

And I’m on an editing schedule now so there’s that on top of everything else. x.x

It’s been a long week. This post is coming out later than I would have liked it to, but had my plan worked out like I’d wanted it to I wouldn’t have been able to share the wonderfully fun story of getting 3.5 hours of sleep after searching for a cat who decided to hide and ignore us calling for him.

Do you have any fun pet stories to share?


February 28, 2018 / Heather

Poetic… Problems

There’s one problem I have over several others. That problem is that I have too many stories in my head and also too many down on paper. I also don’t have time.

But I still do what I do when I do it. For however long I’ll be doing it.

Poetic problems of the day:

  • I have the day off, but will have limited computer time because I have a LOT of things I want to get done today.
  • I want to be editing, but I also need to be doing other things.
  • I’m working on schedules for editing one thing, posting others, and how to come up with new projects. This is more complicated than it sounds. It’s also more chaotic than it sounds!
  • It’s possible it’s going to keep raining the day I’m writing this and I was kind of hoping to take Gus on a walk because I don’t get to walk him as much as I’d like to (it’s also free and he loves going on walks).
  • I need to write poetry, but I’m more interested today in reading it.
  • I don’t want to write because writing poetry will make me think of the Snowbound Writers’ Contest and I’m nervous because I’m hoping I’ll at least place this year again (if you win 1st you can’t enter for 2 years and I got 3rd last year).

Things left to do today (the day I’m writing, not the day I’m posting) :

  • Clean the back seat of my car
  • Vacuum the front floor of the car
  • Replace the floor mats in my car
  • Grocery shopping
  • Fill car with gas
  • Deliver birthday gift
  • Come up with a regular schedule for adding stories onto my Wattpad account (the stories are already on deviantART and FictionPress)

Things I have already done today (it’s 11:16 as I write this sentence and I’ve been up since 7:30) :

  • Have breakfast with my sister
  • Renew a book due tomorrow
  • Draft this blog post
  • Start moving stories onto Wattpad
  • Calculate an editing schedule for “Unexpected Moments”
  • Figure a number of pages to edit for Camp NaNoWriMo that will coincide with my editing schedule (this sounds more complicated or weirder than it really is)

I’ve gotten really good at making lists of things. -.-‘ *sigh*


February 21, 2018 / Heather

eReading & Reading Goals

For those that have been reading for a while you might remember that I have a reading goal this year of 200 books total. That averages to be about 17 books a month (16.666666… you get the idea). As of this moment I’ve read 36 of my 200 book goal. This means I’m 18% of the way done. Thank you, Goodreads, for having my back and making this so much easier. What else makes this easier? eReading. I found that, for me, when I’m doing eReading/digital books I tend to read things faster than I would if I’m in a physical book. I’m not sure why, but when I’ve talked to others about this most other people also found the same thing. So if you’re trying to read a lot you might try more eReading. Remember, your local library likely has FREE eBooks and eAudiobooks you can borrow.

Why did I choose 200? Am I crazy? A masochist? Maybe, I don’t know. For the last few years I’ve beaten/met my challenge. I’m aiming to at least meet this challenge and I’m looking forward to it. It’s a good way to force myself into reading outside of my comfort zone, something I don’t usually do, and a great way to make sure I read more poetry, something I need to do more of, but frequently don’t. I’m also asking friends and coworkers for book suggestions and I’m going to be utilizing my Goodreads to-read list because it’s massive at this point.

My point in this? There’s not really a point. Challenge yourself. Try something new.

A couple weeks ago a coworker of mine was kind of oddly inspiring. We had a VERY slow day and being the only ones in the building we started discussing plans for the year. Basically, it boils down to him being ecstatic with “Broaden your mind” and similar phrases. I can’t remember exactly what it was he said, but it got to me.

Read that book you’ve been wanting to. Write that story you’ve been dreaming of writing. Do that thing you’re afraid to do (within reason, please don’t hurt yourselves or others guys).

That coworker of mine has big plans for the year and he got me thinking about a big plan for the year. What will this be the year that I do? Last year my big thing, according to him, was getting married.

This year, I’m going to attempt something big. Something that, for me, has been hanging over my head for quite some time and that I’m excited about. I’m not going to jinx anything, but I do feel comfortable saying I think it will force me to protect my time. I have an issue saying no when people ask me to help with something or do something. I need to get better about it. And I’m looking forward to this. I’m excited.

My coworker’s enthusiasm for a big project was contagious…

What are you going to try that’s a big thing this year?


February 15, 2018 / Heather

My “Brilliant” Dog

My dog is named Gus. Gus is…

Gus is not the smartest of creatures, but he’s adorable and full of love.

Love, and fear. And a lot of stupidity.

Tonight’s conversation:

Me: Catfish come here!

Him: Give me a minute, I’m helping your dog.

Me: My dog needs more help than you can give him.

Him: At least this time it’s an easy fix. He just wrapped around the one pole a million times like it was a may pole.


Him: I’m thinking he was a potato in a past life and then became a dog, but kept the intelligence of a potato.

Honestly? It just got better from there. 😂 I love my dog. He makes us laugh. And I love my husband because he puts up with my adorably stupid dog.


February 7, 2018 / Heather

Poetic Plans

Yeah, I’ve got a number of plans in my head, but not much of it has made it to paper at the moment.

A couple of weeks ago I had a story title idea pop into my head, but I didn’t write it down right away and of course that means the idea disappeared without a trace. I think the idea came back to me recently, but I’m not sure if that’s the case or if this is just a new idea. I’m still working on edits for Unexpected Moments and I’m looking forward to really diving back into them. It’s going to be SO GOOD to get back to what I’m missing.

It’s also going to be great to get some poetry done again.

I think I’m going to stick to writing in verse for some time. It’s easier on my mind, but not the page count. Ha!

A week and a day from the date of this posting is when the Snowbound Writers contest entries are due by 5:30 P.M. and I’m very excited to enter again this year. Hopefully I will have submitted my entries before this post goes live (I’m typing it on the 31st in hopes that if I have a post drafted I won’t feel like I have to get a post going and ready the week it goes live and that I’ll feel like I can spend more time actually putting thought into the post.

I’m also really REALLY far behind on my DeviantART notifications and watches and such things. I’m also still trying to get updates done there and get some things going better. I’m hoping to remember to use the app more, but it would also be nice if using the app would actually clear notifications of recently posted pieces, but such is not the case it seems. C’est la vie. For the time being, enjoy a motivational penguin GIF that’s been sitting in a flash drive of mine for AGES that I recently rediscovered. I love this little guy.

Motivational Penguin

Not sure copyright information, using for cuteness and motivational boosting.


January 31, 2018 / Heather

Apology, Goals 2018, & “Progress”

Currently typing this right before I’m posting it because damn it I’m going to have something up for a blog post before the first month of the year is over!

Apology: Primarily this is my apology for not having something up earlier in the year. I’ve been working a lot and it’s taken its toll on me. I’m not sure what will be happening from here on out, but all I know is I’m hoping that I don’t keep working extra Saturdays. (We’re on a 3 week rotation meaning I work 1 of every 3 Saturdays, but Feb. 3rd will be my 4th Saturday worked this year and I’m not going to get into details at this time on other things.) TL;DR: I’m sorry I haven’t posted yet this year, things have been crazier than usual.

Goals 2018: I think I posted something about this at another time, but I’ve got a small list of goals/things to accomplish for the year. My list is currently:

  • Read 200 books
  • Write more
  • Post more to Wattpad
  • Utilize Fitbit app
  • Stop biting nails
  • Post regularly to Instagram

So far I’ve read 27 books this year, I haven’t done any writing, I haven’t really even OPENED my Wattpad app, I have been utilizing my Fitbit and Fitbit app, I have not chewed my nails (I have broken a few but I expected that to happen), and I’ve been posting fairly regularly to my Instagram account. So far, so good.

FYI, 200 books a year averages to 16.some odd books per month so if I can get 17 books read in a month I’ll be on par, but obviously I’m already ahead of that goal.

“Progress” is the tricky subject here… Partly because I feel like I’ve made progress with some things, other things I feel like I’ve actually backtracked, and I made the note with the title of this blog post like a week ago or Monday (some time between the two) and for the life of me I can’t remember what details I had in my mind for this part of the post. Who knows what goes through my head half the time.

One thing that there HAS been progress on is that I’ve been in the talks with an artist whose work I deeply admire about having her do a book cover. I’m not going to give any details on that for now, but suffice to say that we’ve been discussing it for a while and I’m very happy and confident. I had asked a handful of different artist friends their thoughts on covers and even recommended a different artist I knew back in middle and high school to an author friend of mine and the artist made the cover for one of my friend’s books and it turned out awesome and I feel very lucky in that my author friend showed me in progress pics and asked my opinion because she and I had been talking a lot about that story of hers.

TL;DR: book stuff!

The Earl Grey kitten is no longer a super tiny kitten and it saddens me, but he’s still super fluffy and not as heavy as our other cat yet. I would have pictures, but I’m writing this on a computer and my pictures are on my phone. Maybe other updates will have pictures of the pets. Who knows. I can’t see the future.

Hope everyone is well and that you’re all working on something that makes you happy.


December 27, 2017 / Heather

Last of 2017

This will be my last post of 2017. Because my next post will hopefully be on the first Wednesday of 2018!

I have some goals for the new year. Read 200 books, write more, post to Wattpad more, use my Fitbit better, and a few other things. We will see if I can do it all. There’s a lot of stuff happening.

Married life is no different than life was before. I don’t feel different and I doubt he does. I still read, he still games. We still hang out with our respective friends, I still have girl time with some friends. Hoping to spend New Years Eve together. Looking forward to time off together that’s not a family holiday because sleeping in sounds like gold.

My in-laws gave me some super plush fluffy warm blankets this year and I’m in love with the blankets. I spent my day off yesterday curled up basically not getting out of bed until I absolutely had to.

My folks gifted books by Christopher Moore and omg that was the thing I focused on. That, and the new sweats they gave me and the scarves that I’m wearing. Only wearing one right now, but I layer them when I go outside. It’s so cold here that I don’t want to do anything.

I’m sittingnin a Starbucks right now writing because I haven’t done so for a long time.

23rd: cookie day with mother-in-law was awesome, but ended up not being able to bend my knees or I couldn’t un bend them when I did get them bent.

24th: 6:33 A.M. woken by Charlie horse in leg. Got it rubbed out and it seized again, didn’t get that one out and it happened again, almost get that one out and it reseized again…

Later that night: heading to car after Christmas Eve dinner with his family and I slip and fall on my back in the road. I’m still feeling it…

So painkillers are my friend right now. Wish me luck guys. This sucks. Hope you’re all better than I am. Luckily I haven’t gotten the flu. *fingers crossed*

Peace all.


December 6, 2017 / Heather


I’m having trouble at the moment being clear and not deep.

Have some puppy pics.