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October 12, 2016 / Heather

Unexpected Moments


[Originally posted on my DeviantArt account as a journal titled “Sleep? What the F is that?” Minus images.]

So, the fair in the city where I work came and went. Spent one day there with Catfish, Fyo, and my friend Monkey. It was great and there are still laughs about DERPICORN! Long story short Fyo won a game and got a stuffed animal unicorn from Despicable Me and the eyes were just… Derp! Thus, DERPICORN was born. Best. Joke. Ever. Autocorrect now recognizes Derpicorn for Fyo, myself, and possibly Catfish.


I’m thrilled right now though. I’ve been working on Unexpected Moments, my story in verse, and I’ve been handwriting them. Well, my hand was really not good the week before fair. We’re talking wear one brace while working and wear another while sleeping, spending little time without a brace on at all bad. So I typed up some parts for a character and I liked it. I needed to type the story up anyway. Well, I’d had quite a few parts for the male character, but nothing typed for the female.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was writing group and a good friend who hasn’t been able to make it for some time was able to come and so did another friend who hasn’t been there for a while. Biggest group meeting I’ve ever seen! I was thrilled. I read more of what I had and got some nice feedback (as usual). Well, I wanted to get things typed up and I hadn’t had time to do so over the weekend. Rather, I didn’t end up getting things typed up over the weekend like I wanted to. I’m not entirely sure what I DID end up doing over the weekend… Sleeping maybe? Watching T.V… Oh yeah, I binge-watched Grey’s Anatomy because I was a season behind and needed to catch up so I could watch the new episodes when they came out. Silly me. Though… Now I have American Horror Story: Hotel to binge because it FINALLY came to streaming. Downside to not having cable and such. We like this though. It works for us.


When I got home last night Catfish wasn’t home. He was out with a couple of buddies seeing a movie and having some dinner with them. It’s nice for him to get out with the guys just like it’s nice for me to get out with the girls now and then. And him being out of the house gave me ALL THE TIME to type and do whatever I wanted. So I typed up EVERYTHING that wasn’t already typed up. Seriously, check my Twitter feed from last night. You can see the progression.

Essentially it reads (minus hashtags)
“Unexpected Moments officially has Her 1-40 and Him 1-101 typed up! Her 41-100 left to type for now!”
“I don’t know if I will type up Her 4-100 tonight. We’ll see… Listening to I took a pill in Ibiza and Closer on repeat while typing these.”
“Her 80-100 typed up. Only Her 42-79 to go! Also need part 101 for her. In time. That part will be hard for her.”
“There’s only so much torment I want this character to suffer in my typing for one night. Maybe…”
“As of 15 minutes ago I am only one piece away from having Her and Him 1-101 typed up.”
And that’s all that I had on Twitter in the 3 hour time-span that I tweeted. Meaning I spent probably 4 hours typing up parts. @_@ :faint: I have no idea how many parts I ended up typing. I did write notes in my planner so I’d know where I left off at… I do have a note in here about part Her 101 for when I write/type it. I’m almost scared to write it because it IS going to be traumatizing for Her. She’s going to relive a major event in her life that snowballed a lot of things that got her to where she is now.

By the way, the 4 hour writing stretch ended with the last part typed at 2:19 A.M. this morning. >.> I should have been doing some other things in there, but I got all the writing done. So it’s on me, but I got something done and I feel GREAT that I got everything for it typed. Hoping I can get some more added to the story on Monday or over the weekend because once I get Her 101 in here I’ll only have 64 pieces for each of them before I hit the goal I want to finish the story. It will have a total of 330 parts, 165 each. Having 128 pieces left to add in total is a major thing. I’m over halfway done… It doesn’t feel like it, but it’s… It’s weird.

Unexpected Moments started out as an attempt at something in a notebook I really liked. I put the story away for a LONG time and then after moving I found the notebook again and wanted to continue it. It became a Camp NaNo attempt (failed) and here we are with it being almost finished. It’s something that sits in my mind while I work on other things and while I’ll be happy to see it finished, there’s a part of me that doesn’t want it to be over. Even as far as I am in the story I haven’t said what the names of the male a female are. And if things go right when their names are said it’ll be very big, very emotional, and [hopefully] memorable.



Ring I got at the fair. Yes, that’s the “One Ring” from Lord of the Rings. Yes, that’s why I bought it.😛

October 5, 2016 / Heather

Plug for Friend

File Jun 19, 10 07 12 PM

My buddy over on DeviantArt (Asahi-Taichou) has started a Patreon page! Go check his work out and if possible, help support?

There are a number of artists I’d like to feature and the list keeps growing. His is just the first I’ve gotten around to sharing. But seriously, go check out his work.

Here’s his journal on the topic, info straight from the writer himself!

In other news I’m still reading, I’ve gotten back to some of my writing, and I’m going to participate in NaNoWriMo this year as usual. I’ve got a story idea, a vague plot line, and not a whole helluva lot of anything else.

It’s been nice and chilly here lately, so that means a lot of cuddles. Monday night when I left work I had a slight headache (and of course I haven’t put my painkillers back in my purse yet) and it seemed like everyone and their brother had their brights on last night. I took a nice, dark back road home. Even then my headache had grown to splitting by the time I got home. Ate a little, Catfish cuddles helped some. When it got progressively worse he offered to get painkillers. That helped. I also napped a little on the couch which helped as well. Hoping that doesn’t happen again. I have theories on why it happened/what led up to it… Ugh! Peace for now everyone.


September 28, 2016 / Heather

I Created a Monster???

Below is a post I drafted up about a year ago. Before Catfish and I officially moved into our house. I forget this happened, but I knew back then I wanted to post it because it would be too good to NOT post! Whenever I go to draft a post or even just look to see when my last one was I see the draft there and I always think it’s not the right time. A year later I’m smiling and getting fuzzies because of this post and I think it’s finally time to share it. The fair is happening this week. A lot can happen in a year…
So apparently I’ve created some sort of monster of my Fishie Fiance.
The week ending on October 3rd was the fair for the city I work in and work closes down for maintenance (mostly so we can do massive computer updates like replacing them and stuff like painting). We still keep a building open so some of the staff can work on things otherwise. I had a few days off and so did Catfish. Both of us are kind of worried that our house won’t really feel like home and his grandpa keeps saying it’s livable and for the most part it is (has running water, has electricity, etc.), but it also has a lot of things to be done that I’m not really willing to list here because you’ll all think I’m probably crazy for what I’m about to tell you.
I talked to Catfish about staying a couple of nights in the house so we could see how it goes. (It went really well, by the way.)
So when the weekend of the 3rd came around Catfish and I were debating staying at our house or his parent’s house and we ended up at our house because his parents had a lot of family over. Guys… Guys… Catfish said we might as well stop at GameStop (he finished paying a preorder off), go to Walmart to get stuff for dinner (Honey Bourbon Chicken), and go back to the city my parents live in so we could go to Home Depot to get paint and more brushes for the house so we could paint the living room just the two of us like we did with the one bedroom we painted which took the two of us like 6 hours.
We started the cooking and stuff at 9 P.M. and by the time I started jotting down this blog post into Evernote (because we don’t have WiFi at the house yet so I couldn’t draft it into WordPress without using data that I don’t really want to use much of in case of emergency) it was 10 P.M.
How did I create a monster? I talk to him about staying a night or two at our house and now he wants to paint a room that’s a bit bigger than the one we painted alone that took us 6 hours to get through.
But on the bright side we have a pet spider in the house! Catfish thinks it’s a female, but it’s a long-legs spider. I’m sorry, that’s the only name I know for them. Well, we kept seeing more spiders pop up which would usually freak me out to no end, but I’m chill with it for some reason. I made the remark that we have all these housemates and none of them pay rent. To which Catfish replies “Have you seen spider money? It’s tiny! How do we know they haven’t left us a pile of rent money?”
And for those of you who don’t yet know, I don’t really cook. So Catfish is currently cooking the chicken while I type this up into Evernote and we’re making remarks back and forth. Like how his Uncle Tim taught him a bunch of cooking things and he’s getting recipes from coworkers for things (like the Honey Bourbon Chicken. Thanks Schuyler!) and he makes the remark that he’s going to turn me into a “gourmet” cook. Then he asked if I was scared about turning into my mother. I’m not worried about turning into my mother. 1. She’s an awesome cook 2. She’s an awesome person 3. She puts up with far more shit than anyone else I’ve ever known.
New addition! Catfish is cooking one chicken breast at a time and he added more “sauce” into the mixture while the pan was still really hot and on a high temperature so it steamed up and I was teasing him. In the beginning he’d smell the mix as it was cooking and get a noseful of the whiskey and it kind of stayed there (this happened like 3 times to begin with while I was typing the upper middle portion of this post) and when he added the mixture for breast 2 it steamed up (out of his face thankfully) and I laughed, mentioning that he was going to get a “Faceful of Whiskey” and we decided that would make an awesome drinking song.
This is what I’m marrying, folks. And I couldn’t be happier about it.
September 16, 2016 / Heather

Missed Post, Skipped Post, & Coming Post


I missed last week and technically I missed yesterday, but there are reasons. Namely that I’m busy as heck right now trying to stay floating and not worry myself into something and I’m just tired. All the time.

Last week there was not post because the weekend before there was a tragedy in the area. A couple of football players from my old high school got into a wreck and one died immediately and the other died a few days later. My niece is the manager on the football team this year and it hit her very hard because this was the 3rd or 4th death that school has been through this year and she knew one of the boys growing up. The support that popped up for the boys and the school has been amazing because even the school with the closest “rivalry” was wearing the colors and numbers for the boys and showed major support.

Other than that I’ve just been busy. Trying to stay healthy because a number of people around me have been sick lately and some just aren’t feeling well so I’m trying to make sure I stay healthy or healthy-ish.

Writing group this week was wonderful fun. I read part of my story for the first time in a couple weeks and I haven’t written anything in the story for probably 2 months now. Which really bothers me. I need to write more to it and after reading what I read that night I’m really excited to read next week and get some writing done. Saturday some time I might be able to get some writing in.

I also need to get some links from a friend and share something for him. I told him I would, but I haven’t been able to sit down and get the links to do so. So expect another post either before the normal post schedule or at the next post schedule. Bear with me. I don’t know if I’m coming or going anymore…


August 31, 2016 / Heather

Labor Day Coming

Labor Day weekend happens in just a few days. So my mind has been on things other than updating here and there and even writing.

Well, not entirely true. My mind has been on writing. It’s been focusing on my writing and a few projects that I want to get done this year. I have some free time this weekend that I plan on filling with movies, books, and hopefully a little writing.

There are three projects I’d like to get done this year.

  1. The story-in-verse that I started some time ago. I’ve made no progress on it in a while.
  2. There’s a short story collection/trilogy thing that I want to write. I’ve had the idea for a year or two and I really like it. A friend does too.
  3. NaNoWriMo. I’m nervous about this year and I need to get some projects and planning done before.

I’d also like to get some time so I can write a good friend back. I deeply miss talking to Blue, but I don’t get much time to sit and write her. She’s a fantastic person.

Hoping that I’ll be able to get a friend’s book read this weekend so I can get a post ready for next week with a picture and links. She’s a romance writer, guys and gals.


August 24, 2016 / Heather



That’s the type of time I’ve been having.

There was no post last week because it would have all been grump. Just stuff to do with stress.

There are colds going around and no one seems to be staying inside. This bothers me a lot.

I tried to help foster a dog for my cousins because they could no longer keep him and that didn’t work. Long story there that I’m not going to get into because I’d rather forget about it.

I’m not sure why I’m so angry right now, but for whatever reason I am.

I read a really good book recently and I’m happy about that and I’m happy about the book I’m going to be reading next, but for some reason I’m still very much in grr mode. Probably feeling grumpy because I just want to go back to sleep.

The new Harry Potter “book” is far better than I expected it to be. I had it checked out from a library, then I ended up buying a copy because I didn’t think I’d be able to finish it in time. Catfish spent a lot of time gaming recently because we took advantage of having quiet time and I finished pretty much the whole Harry Potter and the Cursed Child “book”. Yes, I’m quoting that because it’s a screenplay, not a traditional book. I don’t say the word any differently, but for some reason putting it in quotations makes me feel better.

There’s just a lot weighing on my mind right now.

I’m drained, something bad happened, I feel like I’m ready to collapse…

It’s just all sorts of fun right now.


I know what I’ll be working on for NaNo this November. Whether Unexpected Moments is done or not. Hoping it will be. I really need to get working on that.

The story I’ll be working on is one that’s been floating around in my head and in my notebook for a while. I’ve got a few notes, but not a whole lot else.

Happy moment though, I switched to a smaller purse so it limits what I can carry. Though I carry a larger bag too and I need to swap that out with a different one that I’ve got. @_@ My life is so confusing right now…

I really hope I’m in a better mood the next time I update. Wish me luck on the ventures I’ve got, folks. I’m gonna need it.


August 10, 2016 / Heather

Where I’m At


For the story I was writing for Camp here’s an update.

I’m still in love with the story, but find it hard to write at home because I can’t get comfortable. Either the chair or the table is too high so I don’t write for very long. Before this it was the fact it was too bloody hot so my wrist would hurt for a long time once I’d be writing.

For the actual information:

I’ve written 99 parts for her, and 90 parts for him. The end goal is still 165 each. I found writing for one character at a time helps me focus and get into that character’s mentality better so this is what I’m going to stick with. It’ll also make writing it easier because I can look at the last few pieces easily because of how I’m writing this and make sure things match at least somewhat so I don’t have one thing happening on him 92 and that same thing happening on her 103 and create a ton of distance.

I’ve added some new characters in, but it’s still all from His and Hers perspectives.

He’s in love with her, but I think it’s becoming more stalker-ish love and hers is becoming more friend-love. She’s reconnecting with an old friend who thought she was gone or dead and yeah. He had feelings for her and she had a crush on him and he’s a musicial who wants to base an album off one of her books so they’re discussing it in public and catching up. Not a “date” date, but a kind of date and it’s making the main male character very jealous and nervous and he’s in the mode of over-analyzing everything now.

I love psychological torture.

She’s got anxiety and tends to panic very easily when she’s with her only real friend (our lead male) and when this old friend hugs her she doesn’t panic. So something’s clicking in her brain.

I’m still not entirely sure how the story will end. Been playing with a few different things. Need to get out my index cards and do a little mapping of sorts. We’ll see if it helps clear anything up. I might also bounce some ideas off Catfish and see what he thinks. Gus and Timba are no help when it comes to the idea stuff.

That’s all for now. (What? A post that’s out ON TIME?! That’s about writing?! That was drafted the Sunday before it went live? Yes.)


August 3, 2016 / Heather

Catching Up…


So… There’s a lot of stuff to catch you up on, friends and readers. There’s also nothing to catch you up on.

Let’s focus on the actual events, shall we?

I’ve been reading quite a bit off and on. It’s helping me stay sane. Catfish ended up working a crap-ton of days so I barely saw him and there’s news of a sort on that area, but I’d rather not share that here. For my own reasons.

Still fighting my own thoughts on some things. That’s more questioning if things are stress because of work or if I’ve developed anxiety or nerve problems like oh-so-many of my family members. I’m leaning on anxiety. Self-medication with books and browsing internet things. As well as playing a game or two here and there.

20160710_204330 (1)

Enjoy the Gus puppy. He loves walks and car rides. My niece took him and Sadie dog to the park at the local library and Gus had fun. Sadie had fun laying in the grass and letting a group of girls love on her (I invited them to pet her when, I swear to you, every single one of them commented on how pretty she was). Gus was happier staying by me and only having my hand on him. Not a social puppy, that one.

We made a massive transition at work and it’s taking a lot of getting used to. Partly why this is late. Part of that is because I forgot to draft a post up so I could have one scheduled to go out and yeah. I really just got behind on some things. This transition has been wonderful, but also exceedingly painful. I’d love to have staff from other libraries working with us longer, but that ship has apparently sailed. I’m really hoping that we can at least have extra staff with us. Extra hands just help.

The book I’m currently engrossed in is one titled “World of Azglen” by P. Mattern (also M. Mattern and J.C. Estall). It’s book 1 in the Full Moon Series about a character named Charley Rabbit, a man who is mentally handicapped. Charley and his mother go on a rare outing and meet some lovely people about Charley’s age and they all become friends. One day Mitzi, Charley’s mother, notices a number of changes. He’s reading alone, when he couldn’t read at all before and people labeled him as uneducable. There are a number of grammatical errors, but I’ve really been enjoying the book. Hoping that the library system will have the others and that I can pick them up. Going to be highly disappointed if they don’t…

I’ve also been reading “The Dreams” on Wattpad by BridgettMorigna (links to her blog, will open in another window. You can also find her story there). It’s fantastic! I’m not entirely sure how to describe it yet, but the best I can figure is it’s about two different worlds. One where a young woman is told she isn’t allowed to talk to a young man who has a reputation in the village and she ends up what seems to be having feelings for him so far and it parallels with a current-time story about a young woman who prefers to stay in and read or study for college rather than going and partying all the time. Her friend sets her up on a blind date the one time she decides to go out and ends up enjoying the time she starts spending with the young man. It’s very cute and very well-written. I love getting a little free time and pulling it up on my phone. People probably think I’m playing a game or on facebook, but I’m actually reading!


This is me. From a few years ago now, actually. I recently dyed my hair red and we’re not talking brownish auburn red, we’re talking orange copper red. And I love it. Not the green I really wanted, but I wanted to test at work (because there’s no real rule about hair) before going with something a little more wild. There are professionals out there with brightly colored hair and tattoos all over the place (not to mention I have a coworker or two who has tattoos). I’d rather like to be easy to spot if someone needs me and the hair helps with that.

I guess that’s all for now. This is a rather long update and I’m hoping the next one will not only be on time, but will be shorter. Also hoping I’ll be able to udpate you on the story I was attempting to write during Camp NaNo. Peace for now everyone.


July 20, 2016 / Heather



I’m currently listening to an audiobook for a book I’ve been meaning to read for months, but haven’t had time to read the physical copy.

I also finished another audiobook this morning. It was a collection of short stories.

I haven’t been writing much, but yesterday I got a lot of writing done. Why? Not because I sat down at my desk to write and that’s all I did. No.

It’s because I took a break from thinking about writing and had fun with a friend. We talked writing and talked about problems we’re having with parts of the stories and motivation and work. We had coffee and laughed, glad to be able to spend time together. This is a friend I’ve had for years and because of our schedules we don’t always get to see each other. We also agreed we needed to meet up for more it. Maybe the next time I’ll sit there for a while after and write or show up before and write.

So when you’re struggling, maybe you just need to take a step back and… Do something else. I tend to try and push on, but that’s not always the answer.

I’m also still debating a title. Working title is “Unexpected Moments”, but I’ve had another title idea that I seem to like more.

Wish me luck.


June 29, 2016 / Heather

Progress… In Progress?


I’ve made very little progress since my last post. Very little. So progress is still in progress for me. I’m still hoping to get a lot done this weekend. Friday we close at 5 and then we’re closed until the 5th so I get time to read, write, or do whatever. Best friend coming over this weekend to watch a movie loaned to me by a friend/coworker.

20160507_184201 Tuesday I went to Indy for work and it was a beautiful city, but it wasn’t a fun trip. The best part was laughing with those I was on the trip with. We had a lot of the same feelings about it and considering two of us got around 3 hours of sleep (if that) it was a long, long day.

But we won’t dive into that here. By the end of today I should have 86 pieces per character. As I write this I’ve got 53 pieces per character. Including today’s goal I’m 11 days behind. I know I can do a lot of writing, but damn that seems so far away!


Sunday was an awesome day. I got to sleep, got some writing in, and then I went to a movie (The Conjuring 2) with two of my best friends. Then we went out to dinner. It was a very much needed girls night out. When I came home Catfish was asleep already, but he woke up to spend a little time with me. He then got to laugh at me because since it was a horror movie I got a little freaked out. Then I also had unrelated nightmares that same night and I was nervous about the Indy trip.

I need to be making more progress on this story… Camp NaNo starts on July 1st. Before that day hits my goal is to have 89 pieces to be on par for my goal. I doubt I’m going to make it there, but we’ll see. Depends on how much time I spend sleeping vs awake and how much time I spend writing.

Speaking of… I should really finish lunch and get some writing in. I hate writing before I leave the house on a schedule because it means I can’t get that much farther into my project and it’s what I really want to do. Get so far into a project that I don’t want to leave it. I feel like I’ve been in these shower scenes forever and I’m only one with one of them! At least the 2nd one might move faster. He’s the more cooperative character.

Good luck to anyone else participating in Camp NaNo this July. Peace everyone.