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March 22, 2013 / Heather

My Insanity

Not sure how often this will be updated or what I’ll write about. My goal is to keep this writing oriented with pictures, most likely ones I’ve taken.

Maybe I’ll add some polls in this too when I can’t think of some other things.

Of the things to know about me it’s basically this:
– My name is Heather, my nickname is Razor. I am female. I am not now nor have I ever been a cutter. That is not how my nickname got started so I’ll bite that right now.
– I love to have fun and I laugh a lot.
– I take a LOT of pictures when given the chance. >.>
– I use Twitter for whatever I use it for. Mostly for keeping up with authors and people who write and such things.
– I am *slightly* obsessed with wolves. Only slightly.
– I read. A lot.
– I love music.
– I write. A lot. Don’t believe me?

This is about ten years of writing. No, this isn't everything.

This is about ten years of writing. No, this isn’t everything.

Yes, those are tiny little plastic ninjas on my desk. I have seven of them total. I might get more. Not sure. They help keep the plot bunnies at bay. Maybe I’ll post pictures of my tiny ninjas some time.

Books! And my mother's cat.

Books! And my mother’s cat. For the record the toys are my cousin’s. Picture from 2012.

Not sure why my mother’s cat was investigating my books at that time. Oh yes, it’s because she wanted to eat them. -___-‘ Think I’m kidding? I had to read Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya for a college class and that cat chewed in. I had teeth marks up to page 70-something of the book. Good book, by the way. I might reread that some day. Among my hundreds of books to read. Think I’m kidding? Check my Goodreads. Trust me, that “to read” number should be MUCH bigger. I’ve just been lazy and not adding many to my to read list because I give books away or loan them and never see them again. Usually I won’t loan a book unless it’s one that I’ve got a second copy of, have already read, or don’t know if I will end up reading it. Usually loaning a book is loaning to a friend meaning it’s easy to hunt down. After that I get edgy and paranoid and just generally crazy.

Some of the things I post in this blog might be random things my boyfriend says. We’ve had several strange conversations that would send “normal” people running for the hills. Like the vampire rubber ducks. I’ll leave you thinking about that one. 😀 Stay safe.


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