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March 25, 2013 / Heather


So, as I sit here at my desk eating Yan-Yan and drinking mango juice

Mmm mango and Yan-yan

Mmm mango and Yan-yan

I bask in laughter. Can you bask in laughter? My little ninja army isn’t helping me on this one. Anyway…

I was in a chat on deviantART yesterday and while talking to a few people I became increasingly frustrated because I still had neither idea nor characters for Camp NaNoWriMo and it’s coming. Though good news is that someone made the remark about being a writer like being a god and put the evil laughter emoticon in chat. This reminded me of an idea I came up with when snow kept falling down.

How fitting that I would be reminded of this idea when the forecast called for something like 8 inches of snow? (We only ended up with something like an inch but I doubt it was even a full inch)

I’m also reminded that the Catfish is one weird guy. Love him as I do I don’t understand how he can wake up at 6 in the morning and stay awake for hours. Me, I’m more the go to bed around 2 wake up around 10 kinda gal. >.> He’s usually worse than me but he’d spent ALL of Sunday asleep because he’d been sick on Saturday into Sunday morning. (He’s well now)

All in all I’m happy. I have an idea and some rough characters, the Catfish is feeling better and I had a lot of Catfish time over the weekend AND we got to play some Resident Evil 6. We’re going out of order and are playing Jack and Sherri and we’re having fun while driving ourselves nuts. Wish us luck, we’re almost finished with this portion of it.

I’m off to finish my Yan-yan and mango juice and prepare for the week ahead of me. We’re supposed to get snow (again) and I’m not looking forward to it. Hoping we’re not getting any because I’m sick of snow. Take care and keep warm everyone.



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