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March 29, 2013 / Heather

Technological Takeover

Or not.

I will not try to hide the fact that I am addicted to technology. Instead of breaking it down I’ll just say I have a few techie toys that I really enjoy. I also work with technology when I’m at work. No, I do not work for a technology company. I work at a library.

My main point with technology is reading and writing. Obviously. I write and I love reading. I have eReaders, but do you know what I still prefer to read? Physical books. Yes, eReaders come in quite handy for things like traveling and if you have a very limited space and some books are only available on eReaders, but to me nothing can beat the feel and smell of a physical book. I might have an addiction.

I also mentioned writing. I write a lot. Not as much as I used to, but I am getting back to that point off and on. For the most part I write solely on a computer or two. I also use computers while I’m at work. I’ve gotten to the point where it almost doesn’t matter what type of keyboard I use my typing speed remains somewhere around the same. I say that while I type on a keyboard that I have never used before today for my own proof that my typing speeds are getting solid across the board. It seems the only device I cannot type as well on is my phone and I think part of that is because the calibration is not the best. When I help people at work they look at how fast I can type on a device and I get looks that make me think the patron wonders f I ever do anything besides work with computers.

Let me say this now. Yes, I do get outside and away from computers. XD Catfish would not stand for me constantly at a computer. I get outside and walk around and I walk around at work.

I will say this about writing on a device vs handwriting. Where I prefer reading a physical book I prefer writing with technology unless it’s my poetry. I am one of those writers prone to losing and misplacing papers and I love using sticky notes.

Yes, this is my desk. It tends to look this way.

I find it much easier to start a file on my computer and save it there and just keep editing it on that rather than keeping massive amounts of paper that will fade with my writing on them. It’s also easier to read the files from the computer than my writing. My writing has improved over the years but it’s still hard to read if I get writing quickly. The main part of that is that when I get a good idea I write fast. Both normal writing and my typing. It’s just a lot easier to read my typing because sometimes autocorrect is a wonderful thing and corrects something like it’s reading my mind and other times it’s the worst invention known to man for me because it takes one word and uses a totally different one that makes no sense whatsoever.

I am protechnology. But I am also antitech for certain things. If I’m out doing things I like options of playing games or reading on my tech stuff but I also try to have a physical book or deck of cards because I have been stranded without anything to do before. Once I was stranded because the truck wouldn’t start and I finished my physical book and then my eReader died and I had no way to charge the thing. Now I have a charger in the truck for my eReader and I have one for my phone. I should probably just get one of those USB adapter things for the truck. Would probably make more sense. Oh well.

In other news I am super happy and nervous at the same time. Camp NaNoWriMo starts MONDAY!!!!! Yes, I am kind of ready. My other big news is that I won a free 8×10 line art from one of my FAVORITE artists because I was watching her livestream a couple of nights ago. I also need to do some art stuff because I want to enter the local art show this year. I bought new soft pastels today because they’re my favorite medium to work with and I would like something else to do when I’m not writing or driving myself nuts with editing. Sometimes I have to get away from staring at words or even writing them.

That’s all from me for now folks. Stay safe, stay warm. Peace.



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