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May 17, 2013 / Heather

Respect Your Tech

What do I mean by “respect your tech”? Simply this. Respect your technology. I swear by this. Yes, I have days where I say I hate the computer or I hate this device or that device but in the end I still respect my tech. Be it at home or at work. Technology in this case is a very broad term. For instance I’m including the paper-cutter. I should probably say “tools” instead of “technology” but then I’d also have to talk about my past and working with my dad on random projects in the garage.
paper cutter
This is not the one we have at work but you get the general idea.
A while back someone said something about using a different one because the one near me “cuts crooked”. Mind you, I use this thing once or twice a month and I have no problems. Aside from the time it tried to eat my thumb. >.> Both paper-cutters I’ve worked with have tried to eat my thumb. Same thumb. The only thing I’ve worked with that HAS managed to taste my blood is a little paring knife I use but that’s another story.

So a coworker said the paper-cutter near me “cuts crooked” and a couple of minutes later I looked over to it and whispered “I still love you” to the paper-cutter. No, I’m not kidding. I also talk with at least one of the computers I work with and a receipt printer. The printer likes to just suddenly stop working so I started petting it and talking with it every great once in a while. Just little things like “Really? You’re going to fight me now? Come on.” or “Play nice.” I do the same with the computer and even eReaders.

I will say this. As many issues as I’ve had, respecting the technology I work with has helped a lot. It’s kept me at a lower stress level than if I’d panic or just get mad because when I respect the tech it gives me a chance to calm down. In this case “respecting” means “talking to” which translates into me being my weird unusual self. My boyfriend has heard me talking to inanimate objects and I know he’s done it too.

To sum it up, respect the things you work with. It makes life easier for you and if someone hears you it can lead to an interesting conversation or a good laugh. If you work with the public I recommend making little remarks and then telling the person you’re helping something like “Technology, it’s a love-hate relationship” or just something that anyone can connect to. Sometimes you get younger (and older) people saying things like “Ain’t that the truth” or “Another reason to miss the good old days”. It’s a human connection. 🙂 It makes people feel good. Peace everyone.



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