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May 29, 2013 / Heather

Drugs, Cats, and Summer

Let me start out by stating ‘I hate summer’. It’s too hot (I like my weather around 60 – low 70s), bugs are horrible (mosquitoes see me and go ‘woo-hoo! Buffet time baby!’), and people mow. All. The. Time.

Think I’m kidding? Already one neighbor has mowed, not only his lawn but my family’s lawn and some others, and done it twice a week when he started. Because he wants the grass trimmings for his garden. I’m friends with the neighbors. Heck his wife was a teacher of mine. When they talked about him mowing our lawn I’m thinking ‘cool, my mom won’t be in the sun mowing, he mows with a rider. We don’t have a rider. This is awesome.’ and much to my dismay it set off my allergies being worse. -.- When I was younger I didn’t HAVE allergies. I reacted to Poison Ivy but that’s it. And mosquito bites. (Evil $#^&*%! bugs!) We have no air conditioning in the house right now. We don’t have it upstairs period. The fan is my friend. Until I wake up and can’t breathe but still somehow smell fresh cut grass. Itchy eyes, itchy throat, stuffed nose. You get the picture.

I was shopping with my mom Friday and we were at the drugs and discussing my problems of allergies. She brings up Benadryl. Her average puny allergy stuff didn’t cut it for me. We had no Benadryl at home and not knowing if it would work I thought and remembered I had some Benadryl pills in my bag with some other medicines. We agreed I’d try it and sure enough it worked! No more itchy throat, less itchy eyes and less nose stuffed up.

I spent time with the Catfish because I took some time off work to be with him. We came to where I live (my house, my parent’s house) and I realized I only had 3 more pills. This was Sunday night. At nearly 11 P.M. I ask if he wants to run to Walmart with me after we finish our tea drinks. We go out and we’re walking and he talks about checking out this aisle and that aisle. I look at him and get slightly dramatic joking with him and go “But first *drama arm-grip* Benadryl!” to which he laughs and says he was going to say after getting my drugs. Now we joke that Benadryl is my friend. Only problem is I have to watch taking it. Recommended dosage is 1-2 pills every 4-6 hours. I tried taking 2 and it makes me fall asleep faster. He worried about me because of how I acted so I figured I’ll take 2 at night, 1 when I get up, and 1 when I get home. 4 pills/day is good.

My cat. Roughly 7 lbs of adorableness.

So, I mentioned cats. Catfish has a cat, I have a cat. Jade (my cat) has this thing about being ‘alone’. I love my cat. Do not miss that. I love my little pest of a bed-hogging cat. I got her from a friend whose (now ex) step-mom was moving and couldn’t take her cat. Well the cat got tossed out into the roads or something and ended up at the shelter nearby where we picked her up.

Needless to say this caused my cat some abandonment issues. Doesn’t matter if you’re just outside and she can see you, you’re not close enough. If I’m not at work or with Catfish I’m at home unless something comes up. My cat doesn’t want a lot to do with me. But for some reason she loves when I get out of the shower and will yell at me until I sit with a towel on my lap and the slower I move the more she yells.

Having been gone for days (she was not alone. My parents were home.) she missed me. I took a shower tonight and she proceeded to chew me out for roughly 4 minutes, jumped on my lap and made herself comfy, then yelled at me for another minute. Apparently I’ve been a bad human. I let her have my lap longer than usual. She’s happy again. All is right within her little kitty world.

That’s all for now everyone. Stay safe. My cat is now on my desk checking things out.





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