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June 1, 2013 / Heather

Worry and Parents

We all know that parents worry. They worry about a lot of things.

My mother in particular likes to worry about everything possible it seems. I mean, she knows my schedule for work and if I’m say 10 minutes late after getting off work without telling her something she’ll start texting me asking where I’m at. If I don’t reply she’ll send me another text in about 5 minutes. If I don’t respond to that she starts calling me. For instance, I helped someone out with something after work last minute and didn’t tell my mother. 2 texts, 3 missed phone calls, and a voice mail later I was able to call her back and relieve her fears.

This post isn’t about my mother and her worry though. And it’s not about me worrying about her like when she’ll overdo something like trying to mow the lawn when it’s obviously too hot outside or not taking it easy when she’s got bronchitis.

It’s about my dad.

My dad and I are the definition of too much alike. At times. We’re both stubborn, set in our ways, and have a tendency to feel we’re right even if we might not be. >.> We argue. I get frustrated with him. More than once the Catfish has heard me grumbling about my dad and Catfish has said something like ‘admit it, you know you love him’ and ‘if something happened to him you’d be devastated’. Catfish is right.

My dad works outside in the elements. All year. He goes to work sometimes when he shouldn’t because he’s not well. He beats himself up over having to stay home when he admits he’s too sick (or my mother talks him out of it because it’s obvious that he’s too sick).

Well, sometimes my dad will leave me a little text message. Just a random thing he does. A simple little “Have a good day at work. Love you, Dad” type thing. Usually it’s on a day I have a meeting or a Saturday I have to work.

It’s been raining for hours here. I’m enjoying it. It’s supposed to rain all day basically. I’m hoping at least. Well, my dad wasn’t feeling well after work. As I was laying in my bed I thought to do to him what he does to me on occasion. I left him a little message saying have a good day at work and be careful with the flooding from the rain we’ve had and that I love him. Instead of putting my name at the end I put the nickname he had for me when I was growing up. No, I’m not sharing it here. This got me thinking just how bad I’d feel if something did happen to him. He’s had a couple of close calls over the years.

Yes, I do some similar stuff with my mom. She and I text more than my dad and I do because my mom and I have more similar hours that we share and my dad doesn’t text much. What I mean by similar hours is that my mom and I are able to spend more time together than my dad and I. For instance I’m able to take my mother out to, or pick up, luck every now and then. I really enjoy this if I find a place with great food that I want her to try.

If you don’t already, take a little time and do something small that might make a day better. Be it for a parent, sibling, child, spouse, neighbor, friend, relative, coworker, some total stranger on the street or anyone. You might just make a big difference some day. Have great days today everyone. Smile lots and keep warm/cool, wet/dry. Pick the ones that apply to you. 🙂



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