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June 8, 2013 / Heather

Why I love my job

There are several different reasons as to why I love my job. Great coworkers, friendly patrons, and I’m surrounded by things I love. But sometimes something really awesome happens.

I work with a range of people varying in all sorts of things from age range to health both mental and physical. I talk to people about what they read and what they watch as far as movies go. It’s days like today that make it even better.

One of the kids I help find movies came in and began talking with me about a few movies talking to me about different titles and we both helped each other remember titles when we knew enough. I went about doing some various things while talking to him and he told me it was his birthday. As he left he mentioned to me he was hoping I’d be here so he could tell me about a couple of movies.

I absolutely love it when people tell me about what they’re reading or watching or listening to (be it music or audio book) but for a kid to come in on his birthday hoping to see me just to talk about some movies well, that just makes my day.



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