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June 13, 2013 / Heather

Poetry featured and bullying

I follow a friend’s blog (as I’m sure many people follow their friends’ blogs) and tonight my friend Rebekah did a post on bullying. At the end she featured a poem of mine (she did let me now about it so yes I consented).

You can find her post here and I highly recommend you check it out. Bullying is a serious matter. I’ve seen my fair share of it over the years and I’ve stopped what I could when I could. Sometimes it’s as small as stepping in and even acting like you’re friends with someone.

There are two cases of bullying that come to my mind. One was a trombone player being picked on on the bus I rode home after school. The kid was new AND a band member which wasn’t exactly “cool”, especially on our bus. The bully was a little punk who made scenes for attention. I was in high school. Maybe a Sophomore? I stood up and told the bully to shut up. The kid he was picking on had started crying. I went over and basically just said who I was and asked if he was alright. I got him talking. Especially when I told him I played clarinet.

Another moment I remember was, again, in high school. A guy I didn’t really know was being picked on/bullied by some jocks in my grade. The guy was a couple of years younger than we were. I was KNOWN to be the student most teachers loved (teachers who had never had me in class knew who I was by word of mouth or something. It was a little freaky) and I sat down with the guy and started talking with him like he was an old friend. The jocks walked the other way.

I still have contact with both of those people, even if I don’t talk with them much. Sometimes stopping a bully can just be a good thing overall, no, it IS a good thing overall. Sometimes you can make a new friend out of it.

If you’d like to check out more of my poetry feel free to visit my deviantART page here. Stay safe everyone.



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