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June 20, 2013 / Heather

Time and Watches

In a recent conversation with a friend on DeviantART I was discussing time and internal clocks (the conversation also evolved into phone batteries and phone abuse).

Simply put we ended up discussing internal clocks and I mentioned how mine is all sorts of thrown off because of different schedules I keep. I’t snot horribly off but it IS off nonetheless.

No one asked but I thought today ‘why don’t I wear a watch’ as though someone was asking me. Because of my internal clock being a bit messed up it bothers me if there’s not a clock nearby/within sight. I’ll also rely on my phone or some piece of technology for a clock.

So the question ‘why don’t I wear a watch’ is easy enough to answer.

used to wear a watch. It survived something like a year of high school and 3 semesters of college. It did NOT survive 2-3 MONTHS into my job at a library. Don’t get me wrong I mean “survived” as in everything in tact. The watch still tells time and everything else just fine but I moved my arm one day and I cracked the glass on the handle of a drawer. >.>’ I’m special, I know.

Other watches I had prior did not survive too long because something would break, usually a pin at the band and not one that could be fixed. In 4 years of high school I probably went through 5-8 watches. I’m still not as bad as some people.

Anyone else have a weird/funny/interesting watch story?




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  1. manpans / Jun 20 2013 11:41 AM

    I’ve always had trouble with watches. Especially those which were labelled as water proof and I tested out that endurance to the extreme 😀

    • Heather / Jun 20 2013 11:43 AM

      I wish someone could/would make a bubble-wrap watch. That would be awesome. No idea where that came from but somehow your comment made me think of it. XD

      Waterproof. Pfft. More like “More susceptible to water than before!”

  2. Autumn Pruyn / Jun 20 2013 3:48 PM

    I wore watches all through elementary school, but somehow when I moved on into secondary and college, I stopped wearing them. Mostly because I couldn’t find ones that fit my style, I think. And because wristwatches look very lovely and effeminate on many women, a majority of which I am not.

    I keep -terrible- time. I can tell you when certain intervals of time have passed, and I wake up after morning catnaps just in time to make it to work every day (russian roulette with my sleep schedule, go!), but watches and I don’t get along. Which is frustrating with my job, because we are required to keep the kidlets to various schedules.

    The watch I do own and am fantastically attached to is a vintage Armitron hunter-case pocket watch. It’s covered in trains and roses, inside and out. It is the only watch I’ve owned in the last ten years, and it’s the only one I’ve owned since I was 8 that I feel any attachment to.

    We bought the watch at a flea market last summer because Uny was looking for watches to take apart to try to make steampunk things (I don’t think anything became of this, as the solder didn’t stick to the watch parts she had…). Uny had a wind-up watch that she’d gotten on eBay, and I was -fantastically- jealous of it. So when we found it, the guy selling it said we’d hav to open it up to see if it would still work, but it was battery powered. It set me back all of $2.

    It sat on my art table for the next six months. I’d find it, fiddle with it, set it down, forget about it.

    For Christmas this year, Uny gave me a very small parcel, which was really heavy for its size. Inside, my watch, set and running. She’d gone all over perdition looking for the right size battery for it. Evidently it’s a battery that’s nearly no longer manufactured.

    I love this thing. It’s flashy and pretty, fits neatly in my palm, is covered in trains (I flipping love trains), was someone else’s love before mine, and totally easy to read. Every little minute is marked out in exacting detail, and yet it only looks cluttered when it’s stopped. I’ve lost it twice, both times in my couch, and I spent the ensuing week feeling naked and awkward without it.

    I will probably own a pocket watch for the rest of my life. I simply have no patience for wrist watches or necklace watches, but pocket watches, ah… There’s a piece of timekeeping for me. ❤

    • Heather / Jun 20 2013 6:05 PM

      You’ve got me wanting to see pictures of this watch of yours. Pretty pleeease? 😀

      That reminds me when I’m not wearing my work lanyard I should really be wearing my lanyard digital watch (stopwatch so it might remind me to do more writing). I’ve left for work SEVERAL times without grabbing my work lanyard. Thankfully I’m just a short drive to work.

      In other reply, how’s your elephant coming along?

      • Autumn Pruyn / Jun 20 2013 6:14 PM

        Obvs, these are not my -exact- watch, but it is a popular model, I guess?


        Cover: (it’s a terrible shot with crap resolution, but it’s the only one I can find right now? i have no google-foo… )

        Mine doesn’t have a chain or anything. It just sinks comfortably into my jeans pockets. ❤ I love it to pieces, and Armitron's got some gorgeous hunter case watches in their back catalogue. I'm kind of a lot in love with them. ❤

        The elephant is going well enough. I have… complications, but they seem to be sorting out after I took a week off so my brain would recover.

        My creativity is trying to regrow all its callouses, as I've become crazy recordkeeper for one of Uny's art thingie things. 🙂 Balancing that with storywords is hard to remember (I COULD DO THIS TEN YEARS AGO WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!? XD; )

        ❤ Thanks for the asking, though. ^^;;

      • Heather / Jun 20 2013 6:49 PM

        That is one gorgeous watch!

        I’m glad the elephant is going as well as could be expected. I wanted to make sure you weren’t trying to avoid it or anything. *note unapparent sarcasm/teasing*

        I used to be able to multi-task better than I can now but I’m still pretty good at it. You’re pushed to limits with kidlets and multi-tasking though so it could be your brain saying “Enough already! Give me a break!” with some adorable over-the-top bawling.

      • Autumn Pruyn / Jun 20 2013 6:55 PM

        Isn’t it? My man!boss asks where I got it every time he notices it. XD I’m very fond of it. ❤ (Obviously. e_e I just wrote some inane amount of words about it XD; )

        Oh, no, not avoiding, though I guess you could be right about the "STOP MULTITASKING OH GOD PLEASE". That probably explains the incessant sobbing I keep hearing…

        But no. I remember the years of writing like a fiend and working nearly full time and school on top of it, and I'm just like "….uh, am I remembering it wrong, or … .what?" The elephant is a difficult monster right now. 🙂 I am -terrible- at sticking with the plan, or at least I feel like I must be. My notecards sit beside me, and I kind of -guess- that this -might kinda- be what my notes were about earlier? Uh…. it made so much more sense before?

        How's the poemses?

      • Heather / Jun 20 2013 9:29 PM

        Poems go well. I posted 20something to deviantART a while back. I’m working on a challenge of gore and a series of poems that I’m keeping kind of wrapped up but I think I mentioned it on dA a number of journals back now when I was working on the Phobia series.

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