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June 22, 2013 / Heather


For those of you who don’t already know I use Twitter. There I am @PoetRazor13

I started using Twitter years ago on the suggestion of someone I dated and a friend. My friend stopped using Twitter and the guy… Let’s leave it at he’s out of my life for good, shall we?

I scroll through my Twitter posts and find 12 April 11 as one post date the nothing until August of that year. After that it was nothing until 2012. The reason I was absent is because I was going through a lot of things at that time. I went through bad break-ups, a relationship that wasn’t the best for me, and another break-up. Prior to that I had been through a lot more even.

A friend or two got talking about Twitter and it made me realize just how much I missed the people I knew on there and the authors I followed there. I got back on and there I’ve stayed. Now I try to figure out what to post there and here and sometimes it’s really hard to decide. Do I want to be serious or do I want to be funny or do I just go with whatever’s on my mind. Going with whatever’s on my mind can prove to be slightly dangerous. Like the post of a Catfish and Hamster conversation or the floating furniture on my IMVU while I decorated a room. Or even the random conversations I had within 3 hours which involved cooked half chickens where you could see organs, penis size (stranger that I’m a woman discussing this with two men), and erotic fortune cookies. Not all my posts are that weird and seemingly random. At least, I hope they’re not.


Originally this was titled Twitter but absence makes more sense. Recently I posted two videos to my YouTube channel (PoetRazor13 is my username) and realized aside from those two I hadn’t posted ANTHING IN TWO YEARS! TWO years! In the most recent video I apologized about it and it prompted my title change here.

Why did I not post for two years? I had plenty of things. I just never posted. I was busy with other things and basically lazy. >.>


Trying to remedy the lack of postings in places. I will not do daily crap on YouTube but I do want to post more. Not sure yet because I have other things happening. I’m glad I have the Capture app that I can use. It’s proven helpful.



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