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July 13, 2013 / Heather

Camp NaNo – Day 13

I’m sitting at a current word count of 6,115 which means I’m good until *checks calendar* shiiiiiiit. YESTERDAY! x.x Yay…

Why am I not thrilled about this? Because I’m having allergy issues. Usually this wouldn’t be a problem but I’ve been having issues since WEDNESDAY. Early meeting, rushed out of house to be sure I was early (don’t judge me, my band director in high school used to say “If you’re early you’re on time, if you’re on time you’re late, if you’re late you’re dead and my mother trained me to be early) and I forgot to take my allergy pill. This prooobably wouldn’t have affected me so badly had we NOT have rain all. week. long. prior to my meeting and rain that day which then left us.

I love the rain, but I prefer being able to BREATHE through my nose and not sit at work sniffling. First day I could enjoy weather and it was a bust because I was miserable.

It’s just after midnight by about half an hour. I have until midnight to write at least 400 more words. Easily done, but I don’t want to write since it might make me write loopy things. No, I’m not joking. In NaNo prompt things it’s said “add a ninja to your story” and honestly, in my allergy drowsy state I MIGHT do that without prompting. Or I’ll throw in a weird epic ninja slap fight. Mind you, ninjas have NOTHING to do with shifters in my mind. >.<

Allergies are so bad right now that I can’t breathe through my nose unless I’m running around. So I make excuses to move more lately. “Oh, I need to go across the room for a piece of paper” type things. I think I’m finally down to the part where my nose is not blocked but it feels like it because it’s inflamed.

As far as ACTUAL story work goes, I have good news. I LIKE this story, a LOT. I’m on track with my plot line and have notes so I really know where it’s going. I have a minor love undertone with this which is normal for me and it’s a nice soft love. So far people who I’ve told about the story think it sounds good.

Synopsis of my Camp NaNo novel: “Annabee has a pretty regular life. Good friend who is also a neighbor named Theodore, a great job with an awesome boss, and a place of her own. Sure there’s the worry about her stalker ex, but that’s nothing compared to the change she’s about to face.”

I’m very happy with this story so far, though I might edit the synopsis because that’s from the original plan and I’ve changed from it a bit. I’m going a little nuts with having not written for a few days but even my characters are understanding about my allergies. My muse is upset with me for other reasons like not working on the TWO poem series I’ve got planned, but she’s being rather… Calm and slightly understanding of the whole allergy battle. First year really dealing with allergies. I don’t like taking days off.

While writing I’ve been listening to a mix of songs that was recommended by my boyfriend and now I’m *slightly* obsessed with the new album from Falling in Reverse titled “Fashionably Late”. Style is different from their previous material but some of the songs just make me laugh quite a lot.

In other random news, for the whole allergy-induced brain thing? My count being over 6K I thought about tweeting “It’s over 6000!” only to have normal part of brain slap allergy part and go “No, when we hit over 9000 we can do this properly. Nothing til then!”

… I wonder if I can get 3000 words in before midnight tonight. Hmm…




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