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October 30, 2013 / Heather

Halloween and NaNoWriMo

[Note: Please forgive me, I have issues with the publish timer because this post WAS scheduled for 10/30 @ 17:45 and never went out.]

Halloween is tomorrow. I’ll be dressed up but not walking around. To those walking around I want to say this:


– Have fun!

– I hope you get lots of candy that you like and that you don’t over gorge yourself on it and get sick.

– Don’t forget me because NaNoWriMo starts on Friday!

My NaNoWriMo outline is done as of 10/29/13 (early morning so it’s debatable. I say Monday because I hadn’t gone to sleep yet so Tuesday did not exist at that moment for me) and I was as giddy as Errol. Catfish was asleep so I couldn’t squee with him and no one else was really awake. My giddyness was ruined by a person who got a little harsh on a comment. They had mentioned NaNoWriMo with a friend on her journal post and I asked the person if they were doing or if I’d see them in chats on DeviantART and the person was they were on iPad and dA chats won’t work on it. I said I thought I’d been able to access them at one point but that I’ve worked with so many devices that I could be wrong. I got a reply back with nice bold letters that IT WILL NOT WORK WITH IPAD. Excuuuuuse me! I had already said I work with a lot of devices and that I could make the mistake. We’re all human. Mistakes are made.

If anyone is still looking for a writing buddy add me!

Razor13 on NaNoWriMo and I’m Razor13 on DeviantART as well and I’ll be in dA chats (the one called NaNoWriMo mostly) so I’ll be around for chatting. If anyone needs some help I’ll be willing to offer what little I can to you.




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