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January 14, 2014 / Heather

Rubber bands – banding together

While at work I sometimes do phone calls. Recently I was ending a call and pulled out a rubber band to put on an item and the rubber band snapped before I hung up the phone. Thankfully, no pain. So I pulled out another rubber band…

Only it was two. This happens. I’m used to it. Usually I can just pull them apart. Not this time. This time it was all “we’re going to tangle ourselves together”. -.- Really? Okay. I can untangle rubber bands. No issue. Right? Well…

I get the TWO rubber bands apart. What happens then?

Logic says: Put one rubber band away, put the other on the item.

Reality says: Ha ha no.

That’s right. Well, combine them. One of the rubber bands was put away successfully. The other curled itself up. Into a knot. No, I didn’t give up. I untangled the thing and managed to get it on the item. Needless to say it was knot my night.


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