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April 17, 2014 / Heather

Caught Up!

So after days of NOT writing my Camp NaNoWriMo story Cry, Wolf, Cry I ended up being around 3000 words behind where I should have been. And my goal is only 13,000 words!

Yesterday while I had some time to myself I was able to clean my desk, clean my printer off, get some recipes copied, and yes, get some writing done!

Yesterday when I started writing I was sitting around 4610 words. When I stopped some time between midnight and 1 A.M. my count was at 6298 or so.

To be on par with today’s goal I needed to have at least 7400. When I stopped writing for the time being I was sitting at 7575. So my count went up and I’m at the very least on par for now. Hoping to get more writing done this evening but I also have other things to do. Like write a poem! And Grey’s Anatomy is on tonight so there’s that. Maybe I’ll try to get some more sleep tonight. Who knows!

I’m just really excited to be back on track, even if at over halfway through my count goal I’m still not even at the climax point for the novel. Right now I’m back to more focus on getting the story line moving rather than keeping on my word count, but one of the big events has happened so progress has been made!

My planner is helping me keep on track and my friends over in the deviantART chatroom (click for the room if you have a dA account) are helping keep me on track and we’re all good about pushing each other with or without word wars.

Is anyone else doing Camp NaNoWriMo? Anyone thinking about doing July’s Camp NaNoWriMo? Questions? Just general comments? Leave them and I will reply! 😀

Hopefully it won’t be so long before my next post, but I’ve been better about remembering to blog! Now if only I could update my YouTube account more frequently… That’s another project!

Peace for now everyone!



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