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June 18, 2014 / Heather

Writing Materials

Talk about what different notebooks I use, the pens I use, how I find time to write (maybe keep short and do a bigger post on this subject), where I find my materials, why I hand write poems and not stories…


I’m not horribly picky about what notebooks I use to write in. Pens… The pens are another thing entirely. If I don’t have the write pen I’m essentially screwed. It just has to “feel” right for me. It can’t skip where the ink lands, it can’t be too light or too small or too heavy… Y’know? Recently I got this metal Pentel EnerGel pen at Staples (Sadly, my local one is closing) and I adore how it feels. I also adore Bic brand pens more often than not. Though sometimes a Staedtler is just what I need. If you’ve seen my recent vlogs you know that I’ve mentioned Staedtlers before.

My notebooks range in size, shape, and color. I have composition notebooks sitting around, I have a couple of Doctor Who themed notebooks and I have a couple of notebooks that are spiral bound and have saying of Buddha on them. I have recently been using one that’s functioning for everything. It’s just a PlanAhead notebook. One of my recently filled notebooks was one that was given to me by some friends when I graduated high school. It has a gargoyle on the cover. I adore this. It took me forever to decide what to write in it and I finally decided on poetry. Recently I filled it and I’m both sad and excited that I filled it.

A notebook is a very personal thing. Though… One of my processes is slightly different. I’ll take notes in notebooks, I’ll hand write my poetry before typing it, but I type out all my stories. When I edit them I use a hard copy. Yes, I type out all my story and THEN I print it when I need to edit. Depending on the story I’ll play with one-sided or two-sided print and single-spacing or double-spacing.

Sorry this post is rushed, things kind of got away from me recently and I checked this to make sure things were ready to post and found it wasn’t ready. >.< Hopefully the next one WON’T be rushed.

Keep an eye out for my next post, hopefully something talking about a bad habit I’ve broken and maybe more writing stuff! 😀

Peace everyone.



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