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July 2, 2014 / Heather


We all have habits. Good, bad, otherwise. I had several different habits when I was a kid. One of which was chewing my nails.

As I got older this wasn’t so much a nervous habit as it became a near addiction called a habit. I did try several times to quit, but nothing ever stuck. I could never find that stuff you’re supposed to put on your nails that’s supposed to make them taste nasty so you stop biting the nails and my willpower was weak. I always lasted about a week or two, maybe three, and then while cleaning my nails one would break and then I’d cave.

Somewhere around a month ago I spoke with a friend who is older than I am who still had the nail habit. Hers were not as bad as mine were, but something in me clicked and I stopped chewing my nails. I’m writing this out on 6/18 and it will be posted on 7/2. Hopefully by then I will still have not chewed on my nails. I’m doing a lot better this time. Maybe because my willpower is stronger, maybe because its not because someone else is wanting to make me stop biting my nails.

The only downside I’ve found so far? My left thumbnail grows really fast and it’s hard and my nails are painful when I scratch myself. Not like when I scratch an itch, but like I’ll go to do something and randomly scratch myself. I do not like that… Not at all.

Are there any habits you’ve ever tried to break that maybe you haven’t or maybe you have? If you have how did you finally break your habit?

Peace for now folks.




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  1. Aussa Lorens / Jul 6 2014 8:24 PM

    I hate having to break habits… I hope you are doing well with yours. I’m trying to think of a recently broken habit… oh! Snoozing my alarm in the morning! I’ve been good for about 7 weeks now!

    • Heather / Jul 6 2014 9:29 PM

      I am doing well with breaking the habit. Now I want to break a few more. And yay on the no snoozing!

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