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July 30, 2014 / Heather

Getting Ahead & Zombie Bugs

Getting Ahead:

I’m writing this early, and it’s posting on the 30th with any luck.

For most of Camp NaNoWriMo I’ve been able to stay ahead. Part of this is because I tend to plan my time and stories well, but part of this has been luck. Solid, stupid, dumb luck. And Catfish’s job. >.>

35,000 words in 31 days averages to about 1130 words per day. Mind you, 50,000 in 30 days is an average of 1667 words per day. That might not SEEM like much, but when you’re doing other things it gets a little crazy.

Somehow I managed to finish on the 20th with 35,217 or so words. Now I’m just editing and waiting for Camp NaNoWriMo’s validation thing to open or however it’s done.


Zombie Bugs

They exist!

So on Friday the 18th I woke up relatively early and drained. I’d been waking up drained almost daily that week and yeah. My mother was standing and talking with me as I was getting dressed (this is normal in my family) and I grab my bra and an earwig falls out! I’m instantly snapped awake and grab for a swatter and start mashing the thing. Bugs should not try on my clothing.

I calm down, satisfied that the bug is dead and my mom goes to another room to start doing something and suddenly I look down and the earwig has moved. I shout “Bastard!” to which my mother tells me “watch your language” and I reply something about it being a zombie bug. Then she heard my mashing the bug further to oblivion and we then drowned him in the sink to make SURE he was not coming back to life again.


With Any Luck

My grandpa was put in the hospital last week, and right now all seems to be fine and good, but needless to say my family has been dealing with stress and some things. Enter Catfish.

Catfish (my boyfriend), is something else. It’s like no matter what’s going on he’s got something to take my mind off of it or to help me relax by calming me down with counter theories if I have theories.

We’re talking about something fairly big and he brought it up a couple weeks ago and his parents were talking to me about it before that. When he asked me I froze. It’s something kind of big, but not anything like proposal big. With any real luck by the weekend after this is posted we’ll have that sorted out and we’ll have one thing down. Wish us luck folks!




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