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August 13, 2014 / Heather

New Projects

That’s right. New projects are being planned. I took some vacation days for the beginning of November and I am looking forward to October at the end. Horns by Joe Hill was made into a movie and that movie, according to IMDB, is going to be released in the US on Halloween.

Betrayed By You went smoothly and I have yet to edit it. Need to get to that so I can prepare for posting it.

I have at least one short flash piece that I want to write before my birthday in October. This piece will focus on a fun idea I had about a character very near and dear to me.

I have started thinking more about romance and maybe writing a small romantic piece, but who knows.

I am excited to get working on the planning of my NaNoWriMo story. I just need to sit and actually get it planned out. I am feeling very stressed right now with a lot on my mind.

Hence why I got the Adipose stress toy. Rather, that is why Catfish bought it for me. Long days this week. Sort of… Very busy thoughts and very foggy brained. Incredibly tired and worried about some things.

Catfish and I got a phone plan together. Odd to think about it. I’m happy. He seems to be getting used to his phone now.

Questions about the new comi bf stories? About the old ones? Or anything? Peace all.



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