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August 27, 2014 / Heather

Projects & Pain

I’m at it again folks! I’ve injured myself.

On 8/22/14 I managed to finish not one, not two, but THREE rounds of edits for my story Betrayed By You. On 8/23/14 I managed to break it down for posting to both deviantART and fictionpress. Then I spent time reading and talking to a family friend who came over. Had a blast. Then I went to Catfish’s place.

That night Catfish, his cousin, and I went to Walmart and we had fun. Then I stepped in a hole in the parking lot, fell, sprained/twisted my ankle and scraped my knee raw.

My ankle is now bruising more and is swollen and my knee is starting to scab over. I’ll spare you pictures.

With any luck a penpal of mine will be coming nearby sometime and I’ll hopefully be able to ramble on about how awesome that is, but we’ll see.

For now, I’ll leave you with the knowledge that I’m going to be working on more story projects, got a new laptop, and I’m looking forward to some relaxation time.

With more luck my ankle will heal and be somewhat normal without me having to go see a doctor.

Did I mention how the week before this I was in pain from injuring my back? No? Well, see previous statement. XD

I’m in an oddly cheerful mood for someone who’s been so accident prone lately. Maybe it’s because I can still work with my ankle like this or maybe it’s because I’m getting extra time off this weekend because we’re closing early on Friday. Or maybe it’s because I’m just really happy right now. And the fact that I have new movies to watch (from the library!) and that I’m enjoying some much needed reading time while watching said awesome movies.

I have a lot of reasons to be happy right now. Like how I’ve gotten extra time with Catfish lately. That makes almost everything worth it. Except scaring him with the ankle injury.

For those of you saying “Why didn’t you go to a doctor sooner” I answer this with:

  • I hate going to doctors
  • I felt my ankle and didn’t feeling anything moving around or broken or cracking, etc
  • I’ve sprained my ankle numerous times and even twisted it, but I’ve never broken it (fun fact: I’ve never had a single break of fracture in my whole life)
  • I always keep an eye on my injuries and if needed, even if I don’t like it, I DO go to a doctor.
  • I was able to walk on my own within two minutes. I’m fairly sure nothing is broken (or, hopefully, fractured)

May you all be uninjured (or healing if you are injured). Peace everyone.



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