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September 10, 2014 / Heather

Book On Sale!

Sorry to disappoint any of you who thought this might be about  my work. It’s not.

My friend, author W.D. Lady‘s book is on sale! Nightmarish Reality is an awesome book. (links to her blog, the image below links to the Amazon page for her book).

Her book is on sale in eBook format for $0.99, but that’s not all! Read her blog here. SALE ENDS September 13, 2014.

If you enjoy her work do join me in stalking her on

DeviantART, Twitter, WordPress/Blog, and Goodreads. (See Nightmarish Reality on Goodreads; here’s my review on Goodreads)

This wonderful lady (no pun intended) not only participates in NaNoWriMo, but has helped me IMMENSELY ever since I met her and some other amazing people on DeviantART in a NaNoWriMo chatroom. I adore talking to her and she quickly became a big role model in my life. W.D. Lady and Lupa (link goes to her DeviantART account, go check her out wherever you can find her, she’s a fantastic person) are two great people that I consider my mentors.

(I may or may not post another blog sooner than the next scheduled date to update you all on what’s happening in my life and with my writing. I really wanted to give a boost to W.D. Lady’s great book.) Peace for now, all.





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  1. WDLady / Sep 10 2014 8:18 PM

    Aww. Thank you so much, hon! :3

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