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September 25, 2014 / Heather

Characters, Late, and Fair Time

Sorry this post is late. I know I have a schedule set and everything, but time got away from me this last week and I did nothing to prepare better. >.> Though, since I have the week off I was spending time with Catfish which is not an excuse or a reason, I just like adding that in there to remind people I do have some semblance of a social life even if it is just hanging out and gaming with my boyfriend.

The local fair is in town and I’m happy to say Catfish I got to spend some time there and we got some things. Here’s how my week has been.

  • Saturday: Catfish had work so I stayed at home and did some cleaning after staying up too late too many days and crashing so I woke up late and only got some cleaning done and had my dad help me move a bookcase into my room which is awesome and too small because it’s just not big enough. No bookcase is big enough I think… Too little room for my amount of books where I’m at. Went to a marching band invitational (thing where the bands gather at one particular school and perform. School rotates by week and it’s the same rotation every year I think). Got soaked because Saturday was rainy as hell in the evening.
  • Sunday: Went to bookstores and an eyeglass place because Catfish needed new glasses and a new Rx so that was fun.
  • Monday: Sat around all day and then Catfish wanted us to go out for dinner (at like… 9 P.M.) which was fun.
  • Tuesday: Went to a couple different stores with Catfish and ate out for lunch and came to where I live that evening.
  • Wednesday: Went to local fair and ran into several people (including my brother Fyodor who I never see so that was awesome).

Fair was awesome. Like I said we ran into my brother Fyodor (Fyo). Along with that Catfish got multiple donuts from different games (he is now donut king). He got me a necklace and a poster (freaking Guardians of the Galaxy! *insert fangirl squee*) and we got out picture taken at the booth that does the old timey pictures. We went with Victorian Era because no one in his family had really done that period and we gave one copy to his mom since she’d complained about not having a picture of us. XD I also got a copy. Neither of us has our glasses on and I have my hair down and only one necklace I normally wear and no bracelets so it’s weird and I don’t really look like myself, but I like the picture a lot because it’s him and me and we didn’t have a couples picture like that yet.I bought two more leather bracelets (I’ve been buying them as tradition and it’s just my thing because they’re awesome and I love these things. The guy is also really nice and he remembers me because my look hasn’t really changed over the years. Last year I got Catfish’s last name and my nickname Shavor (if I haven’t told that story I really need to because it’s fun, but I think I’ve shared it in an earlier blog post) and this year I got my more well-known nickname Razor and Catfish’s last name again and I also bought myself a large ring that looks a little bit too fierce for me, but Catfish made a point of saying it’s not often that you can really find a ring like that for the price we found it for and he got a dragon one so we kind of match because the heads look really similar at a glance, but when you really look you can tell they’re different.

Characters for my 2014 NaNoWriMo story are ready. I can’t wait to really get working on more plot stuff and I still have a few days to work on that before I had a personal deadline for it. Personal deadline is early on because I have some other character stuff to get working on for other stories that I want to do and with NaNo looming on the horizon and work being a little crazy I’m relying on some weekend time (and the weekend time I spend at Catfish’s place while he’s at work because it’s usually fairly quiet and there’s some room to work there, even if it’s me going outside and working out there or just sitting and reading outside which is really relaxing if I get stuck somewhere).

Characters are:

  • Mara Hues-Keen; age 29 years; height 5′ 10″; hair is brown, curls at the end (only slightly), and she keeps it pulled back loosely; attitude: loyal, wants to explore emotions and sex with her husband (but he’s a stiff as you’ll see). *extra bits left out because spoilers*; job: between jobs at the moment and when the cruise starts she’s thinking Matt’s trying to be romantic and help take her mind off the job hunting (which he is, but it’s also because he’s traveling for work and doesn’t want to leave her alone); eyes: hazel that switch a lot, glasses; frame: curvy and almost chunky with a C-cup; has some self-image issues.
  • Matt[hew] Keen; age: 32 years; height: 5′ 7″; hair: brown and cut very short/professional looking; Attitude: very quiet and reserved, doesn’t want to change his vanilla ways, *extra left out because spoilers*; job: fact checker person/researcher for a newspaper. Brings Mara on the cruise since he’s traveling for work and slight vacation can get her away and maybe help get her “wild” out; How he met Andie and Mara: at a museum’s grand opening; eyes: green, no glasses or contacts; complains: Mara’s hair and glasses get in his way because despite being married and together for as long as they have been he still lays on her hair and gets hit by her glasses off and on when he goes to kiss her and different things; Frame: slightly bigger, but not heavy. Blames Mara’s cooking for this. He hates his size and is frustrated because Mara doesn’t see it and he thinks she just doesn’t care.
  • Andie Douglas; age: 29;height: 5′ 4″; hair: short, boy-cut, blonde with brown underneath (think too much sun turning hair more blonde); attitude: *will be revealed in story because spoilers are heavy with this one*; job: paper-pusher for a nameless/faceless 9-5 company; eyes: blue, no contacts, no glasses; frame: thin, B-cup; remember: female. She’s Mara’s best friend.
  • Adair Right; Age: 30; height: 6′ 4″; hair: brown, medium length and loosely pulled back; attitude: friendly, stands up for anyone he can when the situation is right; job: curator of a museum in Scotland (yes, he’s Scottish by generation). He’s on the cruise traveling between his museum and one where part of his collection will be displayed; eyes: brown, contacts and glasses (depends on what he’s doing. Dust = glasses); frame: muscled with some pudge on top and not worried about it; fun fact: last name was traditionally MacRight, but more on this will be revealed later on, yes, he wears a kilt for family gatherings and sometimes just when he’s at home for a day.

This is my basic character outline stuff, taken straight out of my notebook. Yes, my planning stuff really IS this messy. It works for me. I’m using Google Calendar for deadlines and different stuff and if anyone has questions about NaNoWriMo or my writing stuff (like how I plan or get characters formed or anything) just ask, I’ll be glad to help. I do have a contact page up here so you can always use that. 🙂 I don’t bite! The NaNoWriMo F.A.Q. is also really helpful for those who haven’t done it before and are looking for more information or how-to stuff.

Expect more put-together posts later on if I can get some stuff ready. Peace for now everyone! If you haven’t seen yet, Cry, Wolf, Cry (a project from earlier this year) is finished on DeviantART and on Fictionpress. Check my contact information for my pages. Everything is sorted out for the stories. DA has a lot more than fp does right now.



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