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November 19, 2014 / Heather

NaNoWriMo: Updates

How are those current writing projects coming, everyone?!

I’m still working on Meeting Mr. Right for NaNoWriMo and I hit a slow point between last week and this one. I’m seeing Catfish every other week at the moment so it makes for good weekend writing. Staying up and writing late on Saturday and then writing while I can on Sunday so I can get some good writing in. It’s what works for my schedule along with writing during the week while I can.

I’m aiming for the target word count of 50,000 words (1667 words per day) and in the beginning (when I was planning out my writing schedule) I figured if I wrote 2000 words a day I’d get done faster and I knew I could get 2000 words a day in. Essentially this was mostly just me saying I want to be at this count on this day and I’ve been able to stay ahead all month except for one day early in the beginning, but I jumped beyond that quickly.

I’m glad to say that MMR is almost finished. I hit 40,000 words last night and I’m in a spot that I really like and am about to advance with it. I need to go back through some writing a number of chapters ago to pick up some things I didn’t think I’d need later on but apparently I do because my main male character (Adair) is plotting something that I think is pushing something too fast but it’s what he wants to do and if I don’t I know he’ll make me miserable at the end of the novel. Part of me thinks about killing him off, but that isn’t good for this story. You’re safe for now, Adair! *shakes fist in the air* XD

I really do like my characters in this story, but I am so over it. I can’t wait to get back to my normal character style next month. Yes, there’s a new story coming next month. Just a small one. That’s partly why I’m trying to finish NaNo early (that, and Thanksgiving x.x). I want to finish so I don’t have to worry about planning a story and writing a novel and having family and friend time during the holiday. It’s my life.

I’d LOVE to get back to the point where I’m not writing my blog posts on the same day they’re going to go out, but that’s probably not going to happen for a little while. I’m getting BETTER with my vlog posts on YouTube, but I’m still posting them later than I’d like. It would work MUCH better if I did plan what I wanted to vlog and figure out a good time to post them. If only I could schedule something out on YouTube like I can for WordPress… >.>

NaNoWriMo isn’t really easy, but it CAN be done. I have friends who are really far behind and I have friends who are so far ahead that they’ve finished NaNoWriMo goal 6 times by now. No, I’m not kidding. I’m Razor13 on NaNoWriMo. Go through my buddy list and you’ll see the person that always comes to my mind when I mention it. There are others I am friends with who are farther ahead and have “finished” NaNo by now, but I’m just aiming to finish with the 50,000. I like that length. Maybe another novel that’s better planned out will be a longer length. Or maybe I can plan all my stuff out for 2015 early and spend a large chunk of time writing another story that’s longer and meant to be longer than 50,000 words. We’ll see how I do with the time restraints I put in place there.

Post word counts and NaNo usernames below. I’d love to add more buddies. Or if you want just add me and I’ll add back off of the message in NaNoMail! 😀 How are those novels coming?!



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