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December 17, 2014 / Heather

Deadlines & Sleep

*Please take advanced notice that this post is NOT about how personal deadlines aren’t important. They are VERY important (to me, at least). It’s more showing how imbalanced my life is at the moment.*


Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines!

Months ago while I was trying to figure out how my life was going to work and entering writing information into my ever well-loved Google calendar I’d made a deadline to get a plot for a small story done by Saturday, Dec, 13th.

I missed it.

I ended up having a baking day that day, doing Christmas shopping stuff that week, and all sorts of chaos happening at work.

So I missed a personal deadline. It’s been almost a week. Have I done any work on that plot?


Nope-ity nope nope!

What does this mean?

My sleep habits are in TERRIBLE turmoil. My stress levels are very high right now. I’m debating just pantsing the project.

For those who don’t know pantsing is a term that some use to describe writing a story without having a plot written beforehand. It’s basically a term for writing by the seat of your pants.

If I do this it’ll become of one two things.

1) I’ll finish this project and be thrilled that I finished it without a plot.

2) This project will be the bane of my existence and prove that I can’t write without a plot, causing me to freak out at multiple points in the development.


I’ve been looking forward to the type of characters FAR too much to give up on this story. I need this story. Really, I NEED it. Not for anyone else, but for me.

I have no idea what’s happening with this story at the moment except here’s the start and here’s the end. We’ll see where this goes.



Precious, glorious sleep!

Why do you hide from me so? It’s not even that sleep is hiding from me, it’s coming at the wrong times.

I’ll sit down to watch T.V. and I’ll be on the couch and *bam* I’ll be out and then waking up at some hour when I should be going into my bed or already BE in my bed only to get a shower and then go to bed meaning I’m in the process of waking up. I take my showers at night because I’m not a morning person and taking a shower in the morning is not something I’ve ever really done. Old habits.

This is reason number ONE why I’m glad I got my hair cut short a few weeks ago. It makes the drying process SO much quicker. I’m probably going to play with this type of hairstyle for some time. Maybe getting the back even shorter. I don’t know for sure yet. Catfish is okay with the hair. I think he likes it more than he lets on, especially now that he doesn’t have to worry about it hurting me when we cuddle because he can’t lay on it. And it’s down now. All the time. Because I can’t pull it back. That was my plan!

So, I need to get some semblance of plot so I can start writing that story and I need to figure out a sleep schedule. That… That’s not so hard, right? I can do this. Right?



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