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March 15, 2015 / Heather

You Wanted What?

I’m sorry, I know this post is late by a few days. I really need to add some more buffer.

I’m still working on my project list, but one of the poetry series I’ve been working on is done. And I’m paying for it. But this post isn’t about that. It’s about Shrinks!

Cover links to Amazon. Item is also available through Barnes & Noble and for Nook & Kindle.


Yes, I know there’s at least one person reading this wondering why on Earth I’m talking about Psychiatrists. If you knew me back in 2009 or a few years around then you might already know.

I’ve always loved writing and I always will. It’s my life. It’s this huge part of me that I’m lost without.

I upgraded my Nook from Tablet to one of the Samsung Galaxy Nooks and I really like it. One night, I think Thursday, I was browsing for books and this beauty appeared. I have no idea what I searched or what section I was looking through, but it appeared on my screen and I clicked on it. And I loaded the sample (like I do for so many other titles) and I really started enjoying it. I pondered if it was really worth the price so I Googled it and bought it that night. I haven’t started reading it yet.

Back to the point and away from my tangent. While writing is my highest/biggest passion (not including Catfish or people around me), when I was in my last couple years of high school I took a psychology class. And loved it. I like knowing how things work and the human mind is one of the biggest mysteries to us for certain things. What makes a serial killer snap and go from not killing to killing and how and it’s exciting to me along with many other things. Yes, I know I’m weird. I get this from my mother who watches far too many law enforcement and true haunting shows.

When I started college after high school I started as a listed psychology major. I started working on my general education classes and for my psychology classes. My 2nd semester my English professor was just too awesome and my spark for writing started burning brighter. I pulled away from psychology and switched to English as my major. Science to Liberal Arts. I hit some bumps and got pretty bruised along the way and ended up out of school. Which is where the library comes into play. I work in one. And I’m looking at going back to college to do more with libraries, but if I can, I’m setting a dual major of library science and creative writing.

After I started reading the sample for the book I shared above I realized for the hundredth time that while it’s not something I’ll ever use as a career, psychology and psychiatry still play a big part in my life today. And I love it. Feed your mind. Research what you’re curious about. You never know how or when it will come in handy. Psychology is in my writing often.

So now you know a little more about me. Catfish’s birthday was Wednesday so I was celebrating with him and I’m doing some things coming up soon. Will share things later.




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