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March 25, 2015 / Heather


Oh good gods I feel stupid right now!

I completely screwed up on what story introduced the characters I’m writing about next month!

April 2014 was Cry, Wolf, Cry but that story did NOT have these characters in it. That story was a totally different thing that branched from my story “Annabee”.

The story “Because I Stayed; Because I Left” DID inspire the following story of “Betrayed By You” which is the one I’m currently posting on deviantART and fictionpress and THAT is the story that I worked for Camp NaNoWriMo July 2014 so the thoughts of having the story about these two characters HAS been in my head nearly a year. It just feels like it’s been longer because of everything going on and the fact that poor Flint has been on me to write his little story for some time.

Sorry Flint! I promise I won’t [try] to goof up informing about your story “I Know You” aka “Flint’s Story” again.




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