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March 25, 2015 / Heather

Taking Breaks

***Click here for a post about a correction in this one*** (Wrong story listed, click link for more information)

I’m going to try and keep this fairly short. But first…

*goes to get apple juice*

*comes back with apple juice and a cookie* So…

One of the things I have been asked by some friends and some watchers is “do you ever take breaks”. Usually this is being asked by VioletRouge on dA (a good friend of mine) and usually it’s because I’ve started diving into the massive and ever-growing list of projects I have at the moment and I answer her question with “no” or “not really” or something cute about how I break when I’m with Catfish. *takes bite of cookie*

Recently I DID take a break! I went with Catfish and his family and saw a performance called Video Games Live. For those who were at the “local” one no, I didn’t have my Nintendo DS on me so I wasn’t able to Street Pass anyone and I’m kicking my own ass for it (by the way, my friend code is 0018-2772-7169). For those who are going “what’s that” VGL is a symphonic performance of music from major video games such as Legend of Zelda, World of Warcraft, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pacman, Resident Evil, Castlevania, and more. But it’s not JUST the symphony. This time there was a YouTuber called “Viking Jesus” and Tommy Tallarico (thank Google for spelling because Siri sucks) on guitar and bass and one of the big composers for Blizzard Entertainment (World of Warcraft) was the symphony conductor. Catfish and I were in the front row and his family in the following row and while it was only in a college auditorium, it was still epic and awesome and the coolest thing I’ve been to in a LONG time.

The best part? After Tommy gave a speech about how video games and the music with them inspire people to do things like build or craft, etc. it really gave me a nice kick in the ass because I’ve been dragging myself down about some recent projects. I finished the Ology poetry series I wanted to do, but I haven’t touched or done more research on the Tarot project and I’ve been really slow for planning/plotting my Camp NaNoWriMo story for April. 7 days to go and I’m not ready, but at the same time I am because I’ve been wanting to write this background story on two characters since I first brought them around with “Cry, Wolf, Cry” (Camp NaNoWriMo April 2014) which branched out of the story “Because I Stayed; Because I Left” (NaNoWriMo 2013).

“I Know You” (coming next month) focuses on Flint and another character and how they met and what life is like for them. Yes, I’m still going to be sticking with the 1st person POV and the chapters switching character POV. That style just seems to work for me.

Part of the reason I think the planning for this is going so painfully slow is because I’ve got so many other ideas in my head. Ideas that are NEW and EXCITING whereas this idea has been sitting in my head for nearly a freakin’ year. Originally “I Know You” was NOT going to be a NaNo related story and I was going to do a different story for April, but the deadlines that came up for what I wanted for Flint’s story (would that be a better title? Hmm….) ended up taking over and I knew if I pushed it off Flint and the other character might try to murder me in my sleep. Or fight me and beat me to a pulp or just annoy the ever-living crap out of me while I’m asleep one night.

Yes, these are the things that run through my head while I work on things. So I’ve already got the story planned for July, but that one is going to need some heavy plotting and planning compared to the other things I’ve got happening. Thankfully I have some extra days in May where I can really buckle down and plot/plan. Or where I can sleep after I’ve stayed up too late or worked my brain or fingers too hard from plotting and planning from the night before. Who knows! Yes, I also have ideas for the story I’ll write in November too. Thankfully that’s still some time away and I’ll have a nice long period of time where I can just sit and relax and plan and plot. All while panicking and stressing over the self-publishing things that I have no idea over. See why I get asked about taking breaks? Until next time enjoy some pictures from while I was away. I’m going to go listen to music and read. I’ve got an obsession with Queen, a song called Run Away by Sunstroke Project (aka Epic Sax Guy), and Geronimo (aka Say Geronimo) at the moment. Along with VGL music.



Brother-in-law while we were all out at dinner. I prompted this pose. XD


Front row baby!



2nd shot at the end. I wish I’d gotten more pics.




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