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April 22, 2015 / Heather

Tiny Tim’s Tiny Teeth

Lots of crazy things have been going on as of late.

I finished the Tarot poem series.

I’ve been ahead on “I Know You” for roughly a week (and I need to write more).

Catfish got a kitten. Named Tim (Timothy). Tim has taken a liking to me. We’ll see how well he does when we all move in together. He woke me up at 3 A.M. apparently to play and then calmed down when I played and refused to let him wake Catfish. Then 3-6 hours later the same thing happened. Tim will pounce at my face.

I do not approve of face pouncing. Tim has not learned the word “no” yet. -.-

He’s adorable though. And young enough that he has some training left, obviously.


He fell asleep on my legs. The leg he was asleep on didn’t get phased, but the leg under that one fell asleep from the knee down.

tim2Tim does NOT like me to move around and doesn’t want to give up what is apparently a comfortable spot. That’s my arm. And yes, he’s wrapped around it.

Other news… Other news…

I got a fitbit. Not regretting it (yet). It’s working well for me so far. Really reminding me that I need to walk around more. And do more things. Though I have alarms set for certain hours at night when I’m usually sitting at the computer working and forget to look at the clock so I sit for hours on end and my legs become stiff which is never good. So far it’s helping. Little by little.

Back to work. I’m over 11,000 words on “I Know You” and I’m still reading which is good. Also haven’t bitten my nails in a while. Not that I’m not trying to stop chewing them, but it’s kind of nice to notice that I’m not doing it without trying to stop. Lots on my mind right now, so there’s always that…

Something big is about to happen in “I Know You”. I really need to get writing that and typing the poems I’ve written lately and uploading the ones I’ve got written and typed to deviantART. Long process.



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