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May 6, 2015 / Heather

Stress and Moving

I feel like I’ve been under a lot of stress lately. Stress of my own making. I’m lucky enough that Catfish and my friends put up with my ramblings and even help me relax after I’ve been wanting to tear all my hair out (speaking of which I need a haircut). Most of my stress as of late has come from the fact that I’ll be moving soon.

I’ve never moved.


Before I’d become really comfortable and told my parents, Catfish mentioned it. I don’t think he was really trying to bring it up, but it happened. I’ve been talking with my mom about it and even before he’d mentioned it I was talking with mom about it without mentioning any actual time frame which is usually my way of bringing up something with her that I’m not extremely comfortable with.

Do I want to move in with Catfish? Yes. Very much. My problem comes more from scheduling and that I’ve never moved. It’s something that has often made me stress and panic about making sure everything gets moved. We just celebrated three years of being together and he ordered a silver bullet necklace that he’d shown me from a reward site he’s on. He was afraid it wouldn’t get to him in time to give to me so he picked up a bobble-head POP figure of Thor that I’d been looking at. When we’re moved I’ll have to get a picture of all the figures we have. It’s probably the easiest way to show the nerdiness of it all. There are times I think about moving and panic strikes me, but more I find myself thinking about it and I start laughing because of everything he and I have talked about. All the plans, all the jokes we’ve made, and, most importantly, it means we won’t have to say something like good-bye for a week or more at a time and rely as much on messaging each other. It means we’ll be coming home to each other at night. There’s a LOT I have to work out about this still. There’s no perfect way to plan everything, but I’m still wanting to try some things. Who knows. Lots of happiness happening right now in my brain.

Hopefully by the next post I enter I’ll have some thrilling news about a few things. Cross your fingers for me!

I haven’t been reading much lately and I feel guilty about that for some reason. July also brings another round of Camp NaNoWriMo and I’m participating in that round like I did in April. Rethinking some things for my stories this year.

There’s a lot on my mind with all this. I don’t know if I’ll keep doing videos on YouTube, but I’m thinking about cutting that out completely save for the maybe one or two that I might feel the urge to upload if something happens or if I just feel like uploading something there. I WILL continue uploading here.

Any advice for moving?




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  1. WDLady / May 6 2015 10:06 PM

    Aww! Congratulations sweetie! I hope everything works out for you with the moving. It can be stressful, I’ve been through it myself and it’s not pretty. So much stuff to clean and organize… it’s not fun doing it yourself.

    I’m glad things are looking great for you. I’ve been busy myself. Anyway, best of wishes to you, love. Don’t stress out now. šŸ™‚

    • Heather / May 6 2015 10:42 PM

      I’m excited but so terrified. And he’s told me about some favors he’s cashed in to have some things taken care of and I should NOT have asked about that because it’s weird.

      And I’m starting some of the small things like books and movies. Holy sh*t I didn’t realize how many movies I own. I swear between my little library and my movies all you’d think I do is read and watch crap. It’s hilarious, but kind of sad.

      I’ve been reading your posts about your edits. I wish you the best, hun. And thank you. *hugs*

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