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June 3, 2015 / Heather

Old Poems

I have several notebooks. Some filled, some in use, and some completely empty.

One of them was a graduation present from two people who are now coworkers/supervisors at the library. I have always cherished this notebook. It’s awesome and has gargoyles on it. And I don’t have a picture to share right now, but hopefully I will later. I need to make a note of posing a picture of it.


Last year I filled up that notebook. I started writing in it at the end of 2012, and I finished it just over a year ago. I had most of the pieces in there typed up and posted on my deviantART page (Razor13) and had about half the book left. All typed, but not all are posted.

I posted a journal on deviantART yesterday asking if I should post them all or forget it giving reasons as I try to share everything, but that’s very time consuming to post all those poems.

Bahogar and WDLady commented on the journal. These are two very awesome people who I consider friends, one closer than the other I will admit because I talk to her more than I talk to him.

They both said the same thing. Essentially they said post what I wanted, but not what I didn’t. It didn’t matter if it was everything or nothing.

So I read through the poems. I had a list of titles to work from in another notebook so beside those titles I took a red pen and wrote “NO POST” beside the titles I decided not to share on dA. Be it the poem wasn’t well written or I just no longer liked the piece (or maybe I didn’t like the piece to begin with).

The list had 54 poems to begin with.

I’m down to 22.

And while that’s still a lot of poems and will still be time consuming, it’ll take far less time to post those 22 than if I was still posting all 54.

To sum it up, sometimes I need help to realize something that should just be a common thought. And sometimes a red pen can be a great thing.

I did realize something while writing in my notebook not to share those pieces to dA. Half the time, depending on how I’m writing, my apostrophes look like raised hyphens. I’ll probably have pictures of the list later. It spans three pages of my notebook, so yeah.

Pictures to come. Keep an eye on social media, though I’ll possibly share them here as well.

Instagram: PoetRazor13

Twitter: PoetRazor13

deviantART: Razor13


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