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June 8, 2015 / Heather

Two Things

There are [at least] two things I believe we all need to say and mean more often.

1. “I love you”

Why: Who doesn’t want to hear that they’re loved and know it’s meant. If you can’t say it and mean it you should probably think about reevaluating your life. Be it family, friends, a significant other, etc. telling someone you love them can be as wonderful a feeling as being told you’re loved.

Life moment: Every time Catfish tells me he loves me is a moment I cherish because I know he means it.

And yes, I’ve broken up with someone simply because I could not say I loved them. That was a big sign to me that something was wrong with the relationship.

2. “I’m proud of you”

Why: Most of us spend more time than we realize seeking the approval of someone else. Being told that someone, be it the person or people we’re seeking approval from or not, is proud of us helps free us from that cycle. At the very least for a little while.

Life moment: I have several friends and relatives that I’m incredibly proud of. I show this by bragging about them, by hugging them tight, and by straight up telling them. It’s also how I show a little bit of how much I love them.

Imagine if you never knew someone was proud of you or that someone loved you. It’s a terrible feeling that sucks and throws you into a pit of darkness. It’s pain and hell. I’ve been in those places in my life where I wished that someone would tell me they’re proud of me in a straight up way so I really knew it. For some people, hearing “I’m proud of you” is something treasured and something that can change a life.

Food for thought.



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