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July 1, 2015 / Heather

Returning: Revelations

The story I’ll be working on during Camp NaNoWriMo this month is titled “Returning”. And I think my characters finally revealed WHY that’s the title. And it’s not the reason I used to think it was.

When I was originally going to write the story it was “Returning: The Pound Story” and I figured that the title was “Returning” because it involved escapes and a character returning in the opening.

No. That’s not it. Not at all.

See, I was texting a writer friend of mine about his character having a love interest and some other things going on which got me really working on some ideas for “Returning”. I ended up realizing what was happening with one of the characters, but it’s not fully formed in my head yet. Kind of came from one of those “what if this happens” thoughts I have OH so frequently. I was texting another friend while this was happening as well, so I also give him partial credit. He’s text me when a number of my revelations have happened.

There’s going to be a lot of emotion in this story. And a LOT of pain for one character in particular. I’m really excited about working on this project again.

What I’m NOT excited about?

That I still need to read through “Meeting Mr. Right” again. I like the story. I do! It’s just… I read through it to edit it, read through while applying the edits (because I edit on a hard copy so I’m staring at it on paper to read it and while applying edits I’m staring at both screen and paper), and go through it again once the edits are in place. It’s been sitting for a while so I could take a break.

Though, if I let something sit too long I’m partial to NOT wanting to touch it again and convincing myself that I don’t need to look at it because I don’t need to do anything with it for a while. This is what happened with “I Know You”. Instead of having it edited and ready to go the month after I finished it, I waited and waited and then did my edits while grinding my teeth and scolding myself for not doing it sooner. Then I stayed up later than I have all week because I was preparing the story for posting because I only have a few more chapters before “Betrayed By You” is finished on DeviantART and fictionpress. Because “I Know You” coincides with a portion of “Betrayed By You” I’m posting it next. It’s also the only story ready to go and I don’t feel like performing major surgery on stories I wrote before while I’m trying to read a lot of things and while I’m going to be writing a new story that I want to devote a good portion of time to.

All this while trying to handle life. Want to know what I’ve been like this week?


I’m sorry, I don’t remember where I found this image at. Was something on my computer probably that someone sent me. If you know the source please tell me so I can credit properly.

Yeah… That’s been me this week. A lot of stuff has happened and I won’t go into detail. Suffice to say that Catfish came over for one day to help keep me calm while I was panicked and he even offered to talk wedding stuff which he hasn’t talked much about unless I’ve brought it up.

But back to “Returning”. I’m thrilled to write this story. And I’m hoping to write a post a day about Camp NaNoWriMo. See if I can do it for each day of Camp I might be able to manage it for NaNoWriMo in November.

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