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July 15, 2015 / Heather

Thoughts on moving

Nerves are jumping more right now. Writing this on Tuesday at 2 A.M. does not help either. Catfish gave me some great news that things are going smoothly and things should be done quicker than we anticipated and while I’m ready to move (and I’m sure he is too) there’s a lot that’s making me nervous. A ton of things that just weigh on my mind.

  • Bills – what and cost and in whose name and all sorts of headaches (fun, I’ll be doing the finances. He and I agreed on this long ago).
  • Neighbors – I’ve only met one of the neighbors so far and while she seems nice I don’t know. I might become that creepy chick next door.
  • Moving itself – I’ve never moved. I’ve mentioned this at least once before and having never moved I’m terrified of it. Like… I’ve helped a friend move before, and I know it can be done, but I’m just slightly worried that something will go wrong. For instance
    • My mom’s truck will be used to haul things and it died just last week and got fixed this weekend.
    • I’ll be driving my car to lead my mom and dad up to the house because my folks have not been there. Because of where the house is located this is a little difficult but should be easier depending on time of day and if there’s enough space like I’m hoping. Fingers crossed here, people. Fingers crossed!
    • What’s going to get broken/what won’t we have/what will be forgotten/what will be hooked up wrong
    • Timing – Based on when the house is actually ready I might have to take time off work to coincide with when he’s off. For some days this isn’t bad, but for others it’s going to be a mess unless I work and then go up and do moving stuff. I was hoping it would be during a time when work is closed, but I’m not that lucky. Thank gods for vacation time.
    • Painting – Catfish (and I) want to pain certain things. Like the living room and kitchen. So there’s all that stuff to do.
  • One of my biggest stresses at the moment is cost. What is everything costing. Lots of details that aren’t my problem yet.

All I’m trying to do right now:

  • Remain happy
  • Remain calm
  • Get in and get my hair cut – I’m going with a short style again and with any luck I’ll be changing that display picture of me. This is about the only place I use a normal picture.
  • Figure out how to pack everything
  • Read
  • Work on “Returning”. Which is coming along nicely. I’ll be updating the Camp NaNo stuff either the day after this goes up or the day before. Depends on when I have time. Who knows.

Below is a picture that I’ve used as reference for my character Razor, but the eyes are the wrong color. Aside from the green tail tip this is Raye from the story “Returning”. I know, no imagination but the characters tell me, I don’t design them down. And I like wolves. The image was created using the deviant’s generator thing but the design is mine and the scar line was added using Paint. It really shouldn’t stand out as much as it does, but eh…



For now, that’s all folks. Hopefully I’ll be able to do some updates with really good moving news. Scared, but excited. Wish me luck in more than one thing. @_@


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