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August 19, 2015 / Heather

Writing, Moving, & Changes

This post is three different breaks.


I have two different projects I’m doing some planning on right now. They’re getting almost equal attention and I’ve mentioned both of these stories so far in earlier posts. I’m paying different attention on character details and development through the writing podcast I listen to and through the books I’ve been reading as of late. I’m feeling a little more confident. I’ve got 2 books I’m really reading right now, an ARC that I’m reading for a writer friend, and a book on its way that a friend wrote that I’ve been excited for since before it came out.


Catfish and I are still working on the house. We still need to paint and we need to do some work with the yard and get steps at the house so we can get in and out easier and family can get in and out and finish doing what they need to do. Lots of things will be getting done this weekend and I wish I had more time where I could do more right now. I’ve got some ideas for time, but I’m not sure what Catfish thinks about it right now. Things I need to talk over with him and really get his opinion on.


There are changes coming! Since I haven’t been posting vlogs on YouTube for some time (because I have my reasons) I’m going to try and put out a blog post each week. Varying topics, hoping to focus more on what I’m writing and share information on things like that with you. Official blog posts each week for the win?





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