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September 2, 2015 / Heather

Ghost in the Blue Dress


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Meet R. A. Slone.

She’s a writer, friend of mine, and a wonderful person whose 1st book has been published. I first met her when I was going to the local writing group and she was one of the first people to make me feel accepted in the group.

Her book Ghost in the Blue Dress has the following synopsis.

Fifteen-year-old Jenna Moores is struggling with her father’s recent death. Not long after his passing, a ghost from her childhood returns. When she was young, Jenna’s father convinced her that the ghost was just her imagination and that he would always protect her. But now he’s gone, the ghost is back, and Jenna knows she’s not imagining it. As the entity grows stronger, its threats move from alienating Jenna from her friends and family to killing her. Alone and afraid, she must find and destroy the link that holds the spirit to this world…before Jenna, too, becomes a ghost.

I was lucky enough to get to see the book in the early stages and even give some feedback on it.

Slone has put a lot of work into this book and I’m thrilled with where it has ended up. The book, like many books, has spots where the flow jumps a little, but that’s fairly normal. At least as far as my thinking goes. It’s rare that I run into a book that doesn’t have a little hiccup in the pages.

Jenna’s dad has recently died. Now there’s a ghost haunting her. The ghost hasn’t gone after anyone or really done anything terrible before, but now… The ghost is getting brave. She keeps trying to get Jenna to play with her. Jenna knows that the ghost has to go away. So she asks for help from her wonderful neighbor lady, Mrs. V!

Mrs. V lives alone with the exception of her mini poodle Pepe. Jenna is very close to Mrs. V and Mrs. V is glad to help Jenna with the ghost, but things don’t go according to plan… And from there things just get worse.

I really enjoyed reading this story and I hope you will, too. You can find the first chapter on Slone’s website, and the full book on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats. The book is also listed on Goodreads where you can also find Slone’s author page. R. A. Slone is also on Facebook for those of you who would prefer updates there.

If you want to keep up with more things I’m reading I’m on Goodreads as well.


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