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September 9, 2015 / Heather

Progress Looks Like…


I’ve been making progress with planning the story I’ll be writing in November for NaNoWriMo. Yes, the picture in this post was taken on my phone and yes, my handwriting is fairly horrible some days. It wasn’t until after I’d written on this and laughed multiple times that I shared it on social media and decided that it needed to be thrown into a blog post.

For those who are having trouble reading my writing (or maybe the image is blurry, I don’t know).

Relationship Description: In progress (meaning their relationship is in progress, not the description in progress)

Initial Attraction: Stockholm syndrome – kinda forced to spend time together.

How They Got Together: She saved his ass! (the initial line that made me crack up so hard I decided I had to share on social media and blog)

Relationship Strengths: Both want to live.

Relationship Weaknesses: Trust

What he likes best about her: She knows how to keep them alive.

What he likes least about her: She’s distant.

Other things he likes about her: Smart, open to ideas

Other things he dislikes about her: Her uncle.

What she likes best about him: Doesn’t drag his feet when she says move/run.

What she likes least about him: He’s touchy (like touchy feely)

Other things she likes about him: Listens and learns

Other things she dislikes about him: He’s a royal.

I like these two. They’re fun and so far they’re shining with promise to be a great story.

I’ve still got a long way to go with the plotting, but I’m having fun. My characters are due by the 30th of this month and my plot is due by the 23rd of October.

Curious for more updates? I post more on my Twitter and Instagram. Want to read more of my work? You can visit me on DeviantArt or on FictionPress.

Questions? Leave them in the comments or use the links on my Contact Me page to drop me a line.


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