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October 14, 2015 / Heather

Moving Pains

Things happened this weekend. Catfish and I stayed at the house since we had a couple of extra days just for us. So what did we do? Worked on the house and moving stuff.

It started with Thursday when I’d text my best friend if she had plans for Saturday. She did, but she was free Sunday and already knew that I was hoping to have her come help with some of the moving stuff and she hadn’t seen some of the changes that had been made. Win-win. Add a win because I hadn’t seen her in a little while.

Catfish and I got carpet padding Saturday night and Sunday we laid down the carpet. The three of us. Without the proper tools for the job and when none of us can really cut a straight line… You see where this is going, right?

Late night, multiple trips away from the house for things like food, tools, vehicles, and furniture.

Yes, after we had the carpet padding laid out, but not the carpet we ate dinner and decided that we needed to go get the furniture or we’d be bothering Catfish’s family at 3 in the morning by moving things out of their garage and bothering our neighbors on top of everything else. Getting furniture inside required taking the pump off the screen door and even taking the big door off the hinges. It. Seriously. Sucked.

So we started the project around 5 P.M. and didn’t stop until 3 A.M. when we had the carpet laid. Best friend left for home and I thanked her for probably the hundredth time for coming over and helping. I owe her so much in life. Anyway, Catfish and I both ended up passing out and then got showers so we could go upstairs and move two big items that had to be taken out of one room and move them back in. This was not fun. Especially since, by this time, it was going on 5 A.M.

I’m amazed we woke up before Noon. I really didn’t want to wake up before Noon. Catfish thought he heard something downstairs and it turned out it was his phone going off. So he called the friend back and was worried because of the tone his friend had so I took him to where they could meet up since the friend doesn’t yet know where the house is and it just worked better this way and then I went back to the house so I could start going through boxes or maybe go back to sleep.


No. I got back to the house and put the screen door’s pump thing back on and fought with the thing and then started going through the boxes while watching a downloaded episode of something off iTunes because yay free download items that are sometimes really epic.

It’s been decided for a while that the next thing we’re getting will be internet. It’ll be so night being able to watch things online and do things like work on posts and stuff and NOT have to worry about getting internet later or worrying about how much data we’ve eaten through because we’re always finding something online or being tagged in something and it… It’s just something that we need, really. Especially since we play games and watch things and get tagged in a lot of stuff or one of us will wake up before the other or can’t fall asleep and listens to the other snore while browsing something like Facebook or The Chive.

I promise, one day I will eventually have pictures in my posts again.


I’m really nervous right now. The day this is being posted is the same day I’m doing the public speaking thing at my library. I’m talking about NaNo and I’ve been asked some things recently so I was promoting the program and I’m not sure how good of an idea that was, but blast it all if that’s not part of my job to help promote programs and get more people into them and I’ll be damned if I miss an opportunity to spread word about NaNoWriMo to local people.



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