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November 18, 2015 / Heather

NaNo: Halfway Point

I feel incredibly behind, but I’m only like 3,000 words in the hole. Hoping to catch up between tonight and tomorrow. I’ve been behind for a few days and I don’t have my writing friends on deviantArt to help push me along because I have no internet at my house yet and hopefully UPS will have dropped off my kit on Tuesday (when I’m writing this) so the installer can come Friday like planned. Fingers crossed people. Fingers crossed!

I feel like I’m partly a headless chicken. I did a lot of running around on Monday and I did not treat my body with kindness so I’m feeling it and trying to be nicer.

Ry-Ann has just met Prince Whitethorn in the story so things are progressing, but it’s NOT where I thought I’d be at this point. I need to move my characters along and get more action happening. There was a fight, so there’s that. And there’s going to be a lot of action coming up within the next few chapters. Editing this thing will be a bitch. *headdesk* I’m NOT looking forward to it. I really need to find where I was with editing Howl Your Heart Out so I can keep bringing it to writing group and getting feedback there. My “plan” was edit a chapter, take it to group, edit with their feedback, share with Skype group, and edit using their feedback. Has sooo not worked out that way yet. First chapter worked out pretty well for it, but it fell through because I have no time for editing now it seems. I’m working on that. I have more ideas and once everything really gets settled at the house I’m hoping to be more organized so I can get more things done. Right now it’s learning how to stay on top of dishes and laundry and pets, etc. His dog was a nightmare for a few days, but she’s getting better. The cat hasn’t been messing with anything, but the dog had issues with staying in the yard (flashback to me telling Catfish she’s running away and him commenting how she doesn’t run, so I correct to “she’s waddling away”) and instead of peeing in the yard she’d pee on the kitchen floor because she wouldn’t go down the ramp. She’s gotten better. I’ve also figured out how to work with her better. It’s now at the point where I can stand on the ramp deck and she’ll walk around and use the yard without running away.

Hopefully my next update will have good news. Wish me luck on catching up! Peace everyone.



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