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November 21, 2015 / Heather


Last night before I went to bed I was hoping I’d get to 32,000 words, but I didn’t. I DID hit 31,000 words (meaning I’m, yes, 4,000 words behind still). I’m happy with my 31,000 for right now. Does it mean I’m going to be kicking ass with my novel when I get home tonight? Yes. Yes it does.

Catfish is an enabler. After we ate dinner last night he went upstairs to play games on his computer and let me sit downstairs for a while writing. I did message him a few times. One of which was asking what he was doing, to which I get a reply that he was redesigning a character of his because it would give him something to do so I’d have time to write. ❤

Wish me luck, folks. Weather is not nice. It’s snowing and supposed to snow all day. Not looking forward to it, but glad I’m not driving all over the place tomorrow. I’m sitting at home writing. 😀




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  1. TLFrench / Nov 27 2015 9:44 PM

    How goes the writing?

    • Heather / Nov 27 2015 9:49 PM

      Well, I stayed up WAY too late last night and ended up writing over 15k within less than 24 hours and I came from behind to finish. Haven’t made a post about it yet though. 🙂

      • TLFrench / Nov 27 2015 9:53 PM

        Woo! That’s awesome! The most I’ve written in 24hrs is 10k. That’s truly amazing.

      • Heather / Nov 27 2015 10:13 PM

        It’s a personal best, for sure, but I hope not to do it next year. My wrist is hurting off and on now.

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