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January 20, 2016 / Heather


I know, it should really be Words In Our Veins, but when the group was created we went with WordsInOurVeins, which I often shorten to WIOV when talking with someone who knows what it stands for.

How it all began:

Back when I was in high school (talking probably Junior/Senior years here so around 2008?) a friend (we’ll call her Friday) and I were very obsessed with poetry and we both wrote rather dark things. We got talking and found that both of us were interested in starting a new poetry group on DeviantArt and we decided to go in on it together. We bounced names and I came up with the final name, and she sent all the information in since she had the time on hand to do it. She got listed as Founder and I was Co-Founder.

We had some issues that came about now and then and it was weird to think about, but eventually folders were made and most of the problems we had came from submissions. I was checking information all the time, but nothing stood out as being a problem and by the time I finally figured out how to solve it Friday had stopped coming around on dA and I didn’t have power as “Co-Founder” to give the solution to our group members which was driving me batty.

Finally, I’d had enough and suggested (probably strongly) to Friday that I should get bumped to Founder so I could help our group members since I was on more than she was. Next thing I know there’s a message back to me, she’s left the group and put me as Founder. Honestly? I didn’t really miss her. Some days I do wonder what she’s doing (if she’s still alive as she had some problems)… A friend of mine who had a huge crush on her (and kind of introduced me to her) blamed me for her disappearing and yelled at me for many things at that time and it was hard. Hard enough that I almost gave up on the group…

I’ve seen more members come in and out of that group than I care to think about and it’s been a hell of a wild ride for me. I’m still tweaking things, but the biggest (and probably best) things I’ve done with the group were

  1. Organizing the folders so they not only look better, but so they fit better (and have settings so they can be submitted to).
  2. Opened the group to Prose writing and not just poetry (this came about with lack of poetry submissions and lots of prose being submitted. Now there’s a TON of poetry that gets submitted into the group, especially when I’m absent for a week). I love it.

I’m still working on a lot of things for the group in my mind, but sometimes it’s hard to make the time. Funny enough, I don’t think I’ve shared my prose work with the group yet. I need to get on that.

I haven’t written any poetry for a while, but that’s not stopping me. Another thing I found that I want to do this year is put a lot more effort into WordsInOurVeins.

If you’d like to look around you can find WordsInOurVeins here.

If you’d like to check my DeviantArt pace click here.


P.S. After I typed the above I went in and posted a new blog to the group and updated the tagline. Tagline reads something more about words, not just poetry and the blog asks for feedback about a couple of things and (the biggest, best thing) the blog post asks if there’s anyone who wants to be a moderator for WIOV. We’re slightly changing the hierarchy! Also, I’d really like to post the icon for the group in this post, but it must wait for another time.



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