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February 10, 2016 / Heather

A Weekend of Reading


So, instead of stressing and fretting all weekend over the WordsInOurVeins stuff (like needing another moderator) I did something far more enjoyable.

Besides getting something done that I’m required to do.

I read. A lot. My Goodreads account can verify that. I read/finished at least 5 books and I made a lot of progress on one book. This makes me very happy. Hoping to get a few more books finished this week including or not The Sight by David Clement-Davies which is 554 pages long and I’m currently sitting at page 211 as I write this post. Meaning I’ll probably be around page… 271 or more by the time this post goes live. We’ll see. Hoping to be farther than that.

Work is closed on the 15th, so President’s Day means lots of reading and listening to books and music, and getting things done around the house. A friend is staying with us for a while to avoid noisy things happening at her home and because it’s Monkey we got her a spare key to the house because our hours overlap like you wouldn’t believe and not in the good way. So the key we got her made is one of those wacky ones and it has a monkey on it. Which, honestly, was too perfect. Catfish got himself a different one and I’m thinking of updating mine to a wacky one. Catfish’s is a large one so he can feel for it easily in the dark and mine would be so it doesn’t look similar to other keys I have which isn’t a huge problem, but also gives us a spare key.

Time for me to be off so I can get things done. Enjoy your days everyone.



So it’s about 6 hours after my original draft of this post and when I scheduled it and I’m already past page 301. Hour round trip to work and back home and listening for a few hours while at work. This is why I kill audiobooks so fast.

Also, for some reason I have Avril Lavigne’s song Sk8er Boi stuck in my head.

If you’re someone who links to Google+ with WordPress go to and play with those settings. Took me a while and some Google searching to figure this out. (Hoping it works since as of writing this I don’t know.)


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