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February 17, 2016 / Heather

Issues & Braces

File Jun 19, 10 07 12 PM

Issues are not with Catfish, they’re my own issues, but I needed something fun to share and the Deadpool movie came out, so I felt this was fitting. We spent Valentine’s Day just relaxing. Slept in really late, went out for lunch, bought some pens, he got a new game, we watched a movie at home, and we just laughed about a lot of things.

Even if I was wearing a wrist brace during the day. Last week my wrists went that sort of painful numb at work so the next day I bought a new set of wrist braces because A) I only had one previous and B) I needed an update. New ones have a gel pad that goes against your palm and they feel better all around. Less invasive, more comfortable, better support. Wore those Friday and Saturday at work. Sunday my left was the only one I wore because it was the only one hurting. We’ll see where I’m at later. Also bought new pain killers so hopefully that helps. Did yesterday so we’re good there for now.


Yes, back to WordsInOurVeins. The thing that’s giving me issues otherwise. I need to find another moderator and my search isn’t going well at the moment. I’ve asked like 3-4 people now and one is in the middle of a move but is [hopefully] taking a mod position when they’re finished moving. It’s not very time-consuming unless you’re the only mod doing anything. I’ve been there. Trust me on this. Thankfully my current mods are not like that and they’re wonderful people, but we’re all busy with things so I’m wanting to add a couple more who will help out. Mostly it’s just voting, maybe posting a journal/blog for the group here and there. Nothing hard. Posted a new group blog talking about the previous prompt, the new prompt, and seeking a moderator. Hoping I get some sort of response in it.

Take care folks. If you know someone on dA who might be interested in the moderator position please let me know or let them know and they can contact me. WIOV icon and group name link to group, the link about the blog goes to the post.



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