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February 24, 2016 / Heather

So Far, So Good…

I haven’t touched The Fur Guard in like three weeks… It’s probably ready to tear at me, but I need to basically tear the whole thing apart and redo it which is how drafts are done. Feels good but also feels terrible at the same time. x.x

Catfish is still super supportive. This is great especially right now since I need him. I’m feeling extra clingy at the moment because someone I’m somewhat close with lost her husband recently. Within two months of finding out he was ill he passed away. On my way into town this afternoon I saw on one of the park signs “In Memory of [name]” and it made me smile because I know he touched a number of lives.

I’ve been trying to figure out a posting schedule so I can get more things on Wattpad and to get some new pieces on DeviantART.


Things with WordsInOurVeins are going well at the moment. A writer friend of mine who has a username with similar letters (Raz) joined in. He was the 3rd person I asked. One said they couldn’t do it and one is in the process of a move, but I’m thankful for Raz because I did need someone else. Even if just for peace of mind.

Over the weekend I finished reading Feed by Mira Grant and it’s FANTASTIC!!!


Feed follows three 20-somethings. Georgeia “George” Mason, Shaun Mason, and Georgette “Buffy” Marie Messonier. They’re news bloggers in a post-zombie outbreak world. Buffy blogs fiction, writing stories and poetry as well as keeping their website up and running and doing all the tech stuff. Shaun does the hands-on action reporting in field and blogging with action and how best to battle the “infected” since they don’t always call them zombies. Georgia blogs the direct news and keeps an eye on Shaun. Brother and sister team of awesome. This is not your normal zombie, post-apocalypse book. It’s really cool. The narrators on the audio were fantastic. And while I own all three physical books I’ve been doing much more audio reading. Finishing it made me want to get the next two instantly. And I did get them. Started book 2 the day I’m drafting this post up. Soooo excited. At least in book 2 the chapters are by the actual chapters of the book. With book 1 it was a toss-up so you had to listen more to find out which chapter you were on. Book was 30 chapters, but the audio had like 16 or 18. Still a really good book and I didn’t mind.


Deadline is book two and I’m adding it on Goodreads as soon as I get home. I also really REALLY need to get reading some other books. Like Raz’s book and Elliot’s book, and finishing Small Favor by Jim Butcher, and reading one of the giveaway books I got that’s in a series I was recommended… Life of a reader.

I really need to get working on a plan for April though. April brings Camp NaNo round 1 and I might use it as a revision month. Honestly? I’m leaning that way. At least then it would give me time to re-write the book.

Oh-KAY so it would basically force me to put time aside and rewrite the book. I’ll admit it. I’ll also admit that I’ve had a lot going on with trying to clean and make sure certain things are done. I haven’t finished a poem I started 2 weeks ago still… I had such a good flow to begin with too. *sigh* Wish me luck with that one folks.



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