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March 23, 2016 / Heather

Camp: Plotting

As Camp NaNoWriMo quickly approaches I’m doing more plotting on how to revise The Fur Guard and different things I want to put in for the first time. I’ve got some friends who are very supportive and asking questions.

The plotting goes well, but I’m hoping I’m not catching a cold because this would be my luck and it’s also a holiday weekend. x.x Can’t get sick. Can’t. Won’t.


Gus is… Honestly he’s a hellion at the moment. Getting into the trash, still peeing on the floor… He’s just got some issues. And it’s while we’re home that he’s doing these things. Even just one of us being home and he can be bad. A couple nights ago we changed sheets on the bed so we kept having to chase Timba off the bed. Apparently Gus thought he wasn’t allowed in the room despite my calling for him and decided he was going to get into the trash and spread it all over the floor for me. -____-

Yesterday he got into two different trash cans. I’d hate to need to replace the trash cans, I’d rather him learn not to get into the trash to begin with.

Such is life, yes? I’m trying to focus on good things like plotting revisions and writing poetry. And reading awesome books.

Fifty Shames of Earl Grey by Fanny Merkin (Andrew Shaffer) is absolutely hilarious and an utter delight. The audiobook could use a better narrator, but captures the voice very well in the book.

Deadline by Mira Grant (Book 2 of the Newsflesh series) is one I’m still reading, but I’m enjoying it so much. The audio is fantastic and the writing flows well. Some slow spots, but there’s amazing energy and for a second book in a series it’s been really action-packed. Usually a book 2 will die off and almost kill a series, but Grant has managed to keep the energy and action going in this.



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