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March 30, 2016 / Heather


Because Camp NaNoWriMo starts on April 1st and I’m probably frantically getting things ready have a post I drafted some time ago about something awesome. ~Heather/Razor

Totally blaming a coworker for my obsession with this musical.

Hamilton follows the life of Alexander Hamilton and his political journey. Wait! Stop! Don’t close the page!

I would have normally closed the page myself. “History? Politics? No thanks!” But that’s NOT the case here.

The music is mostly upbeat and really well done. The actors/singers in this are fantastic and you learn something. At least, I did. It makes you think about things. It’s even started some jokes between Catfish and myself. There for a while I think he was getting tired of the soundtrack because I was listening to it ALL. THE. TIME. Except when I was in the car because I had audiobooks. I would listen at night going to sleep, while showering, to kill time, at work sometimes when I wasn’t listening to a book, and basically whenever I could.

When I do opening at the building I’m the only one there for a while so I listen to music or a book. A supervisor I was working with one day came in and heard Hamilton playing out of my back pocket and we started talking about it. She really likes history and she enjoyed the musical as well so we were talking about our favorite songs and such. I had to share. This musical is awesome.




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  1. WDLady / Mar 30 2016 12:52 PM

    It sounds like you’ve got yourself a story! 😉 Go for it, hon. Don’t panic and just write on.

    • Heather / Mar 30 2016 1:36 PM

      For next month it’s just editing a story out. Hamilton is just an addictive musical that a lot of people at work were raving about and I happened to drink/listen to said Kool-Aid.

      • WDLady / Mar 30 2016 1:40 PM

        I checked out the link and it’s pretty good music! 😀 Never heard of him until today. I learn something new everyday. Still, good luck with the editing though. I’ll be doing a lot of revising myself.

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