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April 6, 2016 / Heather

Camp NaNo: Checking In

Just a quick check-in on Camp NaNo. It’s not going well. There have been a lot of things going on like trying to train Gus and trying to keep the house clean. And taking my college evaluation test (called Accuplacer)… Took my test Monday and I did better than I thought I would apparently.

Tuesday at writing group I read what I did have done for The Fur Guard rewrite. It went over really well. Like… REALLY well. Gives me a lot of confidence and makes me want to keep writing it and I’m hoping I will.

The poem-a-day challenge isn’t going well at at. I’ve written one (really crappy) poem.

On the bright side I did finally unbox all my books from the move and had fun doing it. For what I’m reading at the moment check out my Goodreads account. That’s all for now, folks. Here, have a teaser.


Chapter 1


            He paced his brother’s living room, listening to the sound of his sister-in-law’s screaming fight the sound of the raging storm outside for dominance. His back was to the door when it opened and he turned to see his younger brother, Roman, walk out and close it behind him, a somber look on his face. Where there should have been joy in Roman’s eyes Dier could see only pain and anger.

Roman’s eyes met his, “Dier…”

“I know.”

They both knew that this was something that could happen. Even when they tried to forget it or put it to the back of their minds Mina, Roman’s wife, would remind them. “We knew it was possible that Mina and I could have twins.”

“I don’t know if I can go through with it, Roman. I know I’m supposed to because… Because…”

“Because you’re the Frek heir in the Fur Guard. I know. I read the old words because I was curious and needed to know what could happen if I ever ended up having kids. You had it beaten into you because of your position and until the day dad died he kept beating it into you.”


He held up his hand, silencing his older brother. “Come meet your niece and nephew.”

Dier nodded and followed his brother, his best friend, to meet the nephew he would train to work alongside him and one day take his place, and the niece he would have to kill.

He bowed his head to Mina as Roman took one of the swaddled children from her. Mina smiled as Roman handed Dier the child and walked back to his wife.

He looked down at the bundle in his arms and she opened her eyes. Dier got lost in the eyes that looked just like his, like Roman’s. He didn’t know how long he stood there, holding the child, but he knew he could not kill her. At that moment he promised himself he would do whatever it took to keep her safe. Roman walked up with the other child in his arms and handed the boy to Dier.


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