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April 21, 2016 / Heather

In Sickness & In Allergies


Let me say that again. UGH!

I’ve had a light cold for a while. Nothing severe, just from the weather jumping around like mad and add to it allergies acting up. Hoping to feel better soon.

Good news though! No, I haven’t done more editing to The Fur Guard, but I HAVE started to continue a work I started some years ago that has no title and the characters don’t even have names! Why is this good? It’s a story… In verse.

What does that mean, in verse? It means it’s poems that make the story. More details will come when I figure things out better, but it’s something I’m working on.

What I should really be working on is The Fur Guard, but that’s on hold at the moment because reasons. (Like allergies and cold.)

Thinking about working on The Fur Guard while I work on other things. I really need to buckle down on stuff. If it wasn’t for the cuddly fuzzball I’d bring my laptop downstairs Sunday and write while lounging but someone chewed my laptop charger and I still need to order a new one. -___-‘ I am not pleased by this. Why did he do this? Because we put a fan in the bedroom window and that’s apparently his window. Furry asshole.

I just need to focus on the poem story. I can write that by hand. I just need to focus on that and a few other things. Positives, positives, positives.

Still obsessed with Hamilton!



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