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April 27, 2016 / Heather

So. Far. Behind.

In general I’m really behind in things. Writing stuff, college things, communications, etc…

There’s no excuse for it. The reason? I didn’t plan well. I used to plan well when I knew what time there would be for things, but I don’t know most of that now. Hoping to figure some of that out very soon. There are deadlines for things that I don’t realize there are deadlines for and there are deadlines coming up quickly that I need to work on.

At least this post is going out on time! I get points for that, right?

With any luck I’ll have some projects in the work to help me relax and I’m hoping to get a charger for my laptop soon because I miss my laptop. Desktop just isn’t the same and I can’t hide away with mine like Catfish can his (his is in the corner of the spare room giving him his own little cubbiehole and mine… Mine’s in the living room).

Writing projects I’m still hoping to play with this year:

  • Edit The Fur Guard
  • Rewrite/edit Letters
  • Finish the story-in-verse I started years ago that needs finished.

As far as home projects… That list is massive and I don’t know that it’ll ever be fully done.

Hope your projects are going better than mine!



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