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May 11, 2016 / Heather

F*ck… Scratch That

This was going to be a really long post because it would have two weeks worth of information but alas, my computer or WordPress hated me Sunday night when I drafted this and as Murphy’s Law holds true things weren’t saved in the draft like they said they saved and wonderful.

Short version of events:

  • Temperature varying a lot at work, praying it’s not 80 again inside.
  • Sadie dog was very bad and got her butt landed in the cage all of Sunday night while Gus puppy was able to be upstairs with us. Later found that apparently the cat got himself stuck downstairs all night and I swear he was upstairs with us. I swear it! Gus did some bad things too, so Tim was the only animal not in trouble this weekend. *sigh*
  • I wrote a LOT Saturday night. Like… A lot. See Twitter for details. Hand was NOT happy for that one.
  • Allergies suck.
  • Awesome David Bowie Labyrinth printed clothes came. Catfish got a hoodie, I got a hoodie and T-shirt. These are a favorite brand of mine and the brand is mega-comfy to wear. Begins with a G, but I can never remember the spelling.
  • Did a lot of cleaning Sunday.
  • Chewed thumbnail to a point it tore into the quick so that’s LOVELY to deal with right now.
  • Sunday every time I woke up by first thoughts were “Shit, I didn’t set the alarm, I’m going to be late for work!” followed by “You idiot, it’s SUNDAY. Work is closed.”
  • Monday morning stress nightmare about coworker showing up at my house somehow and mentioning that I was late for work. I don’t know. Can you tell one of my fears is being late to work?

Hoping the rest of the week goes better than the weekend. x.x Stressing over things for reasons and it’s driving me up the wall. Allergies aren’t helping that.



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