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May 18, 2016 / Heather


Little known things happening right now or things that are little-known about me.

  1. When I get stressed I get the hiccups worse than usual. Either that or I had drank too much too fast before going to work. Was drinking 7 Up, by the way.
  2. I randomly get accents that have nothing to do with whatever is going on. I don’t even have to be talking with someone with that accent. I really do have to be careful because we have people with accents who come in at work and I don’t want them to think I’m mocking or offending them in any way. Example: Catfish and I will be cleaning or talking about some show or something going on and suddenly *BAM* I’ll be talking with an Australian, British, French, Irish,  or even southern accent. There have been more, too. Yes, I have switched between all of these in the span of an hour talking with him. I have Irish heritage and my grandpa grew up in a southern-ish state, but I’ve been in a northern state my whole life and I have absolutely no idea where I get accents from.
  3. I had to get new front tires put on the car this weekend. Found out Friday, borrowed my mom’s truck that same day, came back next day to get car fixed. *headdesk*
  4. Also found out that I have a broken coil spring under the car and that’s causing some issues. It makes a loud snapping or popping sound that terrifies Catfish because it’s on the passenger side where he sits and he can feel the vibrations from it. We’re getting it fixed in a couple weeks. Until then we’re calling it the angry car or when it happens we say “car mad” like “Hulk smash” and other stupid things.
  5. I’m writing this out while waiting for mail to come on Monday because I’m waiting for a package. Apparently the charger I’d ordered for my laptop was the wrong one and I didn’t look at a secondary set of numbers that I needed to. At least this new one was able to come within a couple of days whereas the other one needed more wait time.
  6. I finally have a chalkboard beside my desk. I wish I had a bigger board, but I don’t have the room for a bigger board. It’s a nice size for what I’m working on and to have some notes for what I want to work on. I have four quadrants. Three of them are stories I’m currently wanting to or am working on and the last is the list of things to work on.
  7. I’m thrilled to be working on this story-in-verse project I’ve been working on and I’m thoroughly enjoying it despite not having a legitimate title or actual character names yet. I’m writing this one all out by hand so far and it’s making life extremely interesting and makes me limit myself because after so many pieces my wrist and hand will start to hurt. This still happens when I’m typing, but not as frequently and it’s easier to ignore because I can just shake my wrist and it’ll help.
  8. I prefer writing anything that’s poetry by hand before I ever type it up. I’ve always been like this.
  9. I still enjoy handwriting and receiving handwritten letters even if I don’t have a lot of time for it. I also enjoy getting the occasional personal e-mail correspondence.
  10. I am extremely stubborn and despite being a “people person” I’ve gotten rather shy over the years unless there’s something in common. The first time I went to the writing group I’ve been going to for months now I was really nervous about sharing anything and when I did share something I got genuine critique and I couldn’t imagine going to another group. I am a people person at work because it’s part of my job and there are people who come in that I genuinely like. I feel comfortable and safe there.
  11. I hate silence. I can’t sleep if it’s too quiet and I work better if I have music. If you walk into my house and there’s nothing on like a fan, music, audiobook, T.V., or I don’t have headphones on then something is likely wrong. I have to have something playing if I’m falling asleep too. Usually I’m good with a fan on, but lately I’ve taken to having something playing through my Nook apps be it a show or music. Catfish falls asleep listening to documentaries on YouTube or listening to whatever I have playing.
  12. I’m taken aback every time someone sees me with my hair shorter and they say they’ve always wanted to try that. If you want to, DO. I’ve been mistaken as a guy with my hair short, but I also prefer my hair short. If you want to try it, try it. If you don’t like it so what? It’s hair. It will grow back. If you want to dye your hair and you have the means to do so and are able then do. I’d love to dye my hair green again or even try blue. I’m jealous of my friends who get to have their hair bright colors because I feel that I wouldn’t be able to because of my job. There’s nothing about it in the rules, but I’m always too chicken to ask. I really should ask.
  13. I’ve made several mistakes in my past and I regret some things, but I also believe in the philosophy that everything happens for a reason and every choice you made in the past led you to being who you are.
  14. I absolutely HATE hearing people say they’re afraid to learn something. Especially if it’s someone coming to me for technology help. “How did you learn all of this?” is a question I get asked frequently when helping with technology. I learned because I asked questions. I learned because I needed to. I learned because I wanted to. I learned by trial and error. I learned because someone asked me what a button or something did and I replied “I don’t know, let’s press/click/etc. it!”
  15. I love my job, but there are days I come home and the last thing I want to do is work with a project or piece of technology. There are days I come home and the only things I want to do are take a shower and climb into bed and cuddle with Catfish. Getting to come home to him at night and knowing even if we’re not asleep at the same time that we share this space and that we share so much.
  16. My best friend (Monkey) has been my best friend for years and even if we don’t always get to hang out or talk there’s a lot that we have gotten to do over the years and that we will always be friends. I can’t imagine my life without her in it. She’s one of the people that I’d do most anything for.
  17. To end the list out, writing saved my life. I’ve said this before. On more than one occasion I’ve said this. But I also thank my best friend and other friends for being there when I needed them most. There’s a friend I consider my big brother who was gone for a long time and came back right at one of the times I’d had my heart broken. I told him and he came right over, told my mom he was taking me away, and we got into his Jeep and went for a drive. I can’t thank him enough for that day. I owe my friends a lot.

If you have questions about things, ask them. If there’s something I can answer or help with, I’ll gladly do it.

This is also partly inspired by events happening in the story-in-verse that I’m working on. 😉 All events above are true, but my life inspires my writing in multiple ways. Be you, even when the rest of the world is trying to take you down.



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